8 Best Scorpion Killer Sprays & Powders To Buy

If you’re wondering what scorpion killer spray to consider, you only need to stick around to find out.

Scorpions cause a lot of pain when they sting. A lot of times, people mistakenly stumble onto these creatures. These may be lurking around homes. Sometimes, they find their ways indoors and will readily sting when people get too close.

In such situations, your best bet is to take appropriate action.

Appropriate action involves applying the right scorpion control measures. If you wish to have scorpions exterminated, killer sprays are the way to go. These are among several methods used to keep your home and surroundings free.

Join us as we discuss the best scorpion killer sprays to try out.

There are lots of scorpion extermination products in the market that make finding the right ones a bit difficult. Now, most killer spray products make bogus claims. Whether these are true remains to be seen.

We’ve narrowed down the list of some of the most effective products in the market to choose from. Our list isn’t exhaustive.

However, those listed are some of the most reliable products you can use for your scorpion extermination needs.

Scorpion Killer Products For Maximum Control

There’s never a shortage of scorpion killer sprays to purchase. We are talking about products that have been tested and found to be among the best you can find.

A few of these include Syngenta Demand CS, MGK Onslaught FastCap, Raid Max Spider & Scorpion Killer, and LambdaStar Ultra.

Other scorpion killer sprays include Hot Shot Spider & Scorpion Killer, Harris Scorpion Killer, Spectracide HG-96188 Bug Stop Home Barrier, and Black Flag Spider & Scorpion Killer.

Each of these products has certain characteristics that need to be highlighted as follows;

  • Syngenta Demand CS

Apart from scorpions, Syngenta Demand CS will readily kill a wide variety of other pests.

These include roaches, mosquitoes, ticks, fleas, ants, and several more. This product comes up to 90 days of protection from the time of application.

A key benefit obtained from its use is the fast results you get. It’s designed for professional handling. As such, you’ll find Syngenta Demand CS spray being used for commercial fumigation.

If you live in New York, you won’t be able to use this product.

  • MGK Onslaught FastCap

Unlike some scorpion killer sprays, MGK Onslaught FasCap does not come with a standard sprayer attachment.

Nevertheless, it’s one of the best you can find in the market. It’s a highly potent formula that comes in a 1-pint bottle. You’ll love this product if you seek killer sprays with residual control.

While this spray product is highly effective in scorpion extermination, it’s likely to be too toxic when applied close to plants as well as pets and humans. Extra caution should be exercised when using this product.

The product label holds all such instructions on how best to apply it.

  • Raid Max Spider & Scorpion Killer

When it comes to finding a trusted pest control brand, Raid is among the most reliable. It has a specially formulated scorpion killer spray that gives you the results you seek in no time.

Not only are scorpions exterminated, dangerous spiders like the brown recluse and black widow can also be killed.

  • LambdaStar Ultra

One of the reasons why this killer spray is included among the best in the market is its residual effect.

LambdaStar Ultra will remain active for about 90 days from the time of application. Its slow-release action makes it even more deadly for scorpions.

In terms of safety, users aren’t exposed to high levels of toxicity. This is because it doesn’t pose much harm to humans. LambdaStar Ultra doesn’t come with a spray.

Instead, you’ll need a spray for efficient application.

  • Hot Shot Spider & Scorpion Killer

With Hot Shot Spider & Scorpion Killer, you won’t need to mix any formulations.

In other words, it comes ready to use and kills several other pests asides from scorpions. It’s non-staining and offers exceptional residual effects.

  • Harris Scorpion Killer

Harris Scorpion Killer is one product that can be used for both indoor and outdoor use. It comes with an adjustable spray nozzle extension that makes its application much easier.

If you’re looking for a killer spray that offers immediate results, then Harris Scorpion Killer won’t be among your pick.

Despite providing efficiency, it’s slow-acting but ends up giving you the results you desire. Everyone has what they like. It’s entirely up to you to decide.

  • Spectracide HG-16188 Bug Stop Home Barrier

Seeking for a scorpion killer spray that kills on contact?

Spectracide Bug Stop Home Barrier will perfectly fit your needs. This product is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. Apart from scorpions, Spectracide Bug Stop also kills a variety of pests.

The best part is, this formulation lasts for as long as a year when applied to pests.

In other words, its after-effects linger on long after the time of application. Scorpions have no chance of survival whenever you apply this product.

  • Black Flag Spider & Scorpion Killer

From a distance of 5ft, Black Flag Spider and Scorpion Killer will kill both scorpions and spiders on contact. This happens almost instantly. It’s best applied for spot-on treatments.

After application, this scorpion killer spray continues to remain active for as much as 16 weeks.

When it comes in contact with scorpions, it first paralyzes them before extermination. This won’t be the ideal product for persons seeking to adopt the broadcasting method of application.

Toxicity In Scorpion Control Products

Toxicity is very important when it comes to the use of pest products. You’ll need to know all about toxicity to protect yourself by adopting safe application methods.

Lucky enough, all of these scorpion killer sprays come with use directions as well as warnings on how not to apply.

All you’ll need to do is abide by all such instructions from the manufacturer. In terms of toxicity, the best scorpion killer sprays have enough to kill other types of pests such as ants, centipedes, and roaches among others.

Now that you have a list of some of the most potent scorpion killer sprays in the market, you’ll need to make your pick. You may want to go through reviews for each of these to help you make a choice.

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