Here, we’ll be discussing showering after lice treatment. What does it portend? How does it help resolve the problem? Is treatment efficacy impacted in any way?

These and more will be discussed right here as you read along.

Lice Treatment And Showering

There are treatment protocols for a variety of pest problems. Certain procedures require that infested persons follow a definite strategy to guarantee more effective results.

One of the most difficult pest issues to deal with is head lice. When it comes to lice on humans, there are 3 main types; head, body, and pubic lice.

We’re more interested in head lice due to the challenges involved in resolving such.

Showering Does Little to Help the Problem

A lot of misconceptions have been circulated about the efficacy of a good shower in resolving lice problems. The truth is; such claims are only assumptions and aren’t grounded in facts.

Showering and shampooing do little if anything at all to solve the problem.

The best way to go about resolving a lice infestation is first applying effective delousing treatments. Such treatments are designed to kill both lice and their eggs.

Also, treatment must be followed through to have any real results. You only need to shower for personal hygiene.

Things You Shouldn’t Do

Before showering, you’ll first need to apply medication. As stated earlier, showering isn’t a form of treatment. Its use is as always; to maintain hygiene and nothing more.

When treating lice, you mustn’t combine shampoo with conditioner before applying your lice medication.

Doing so takes away the element of surprise. Lice can better withstand your treatments after applying shampoo and other treatment combinations.

Also, it’s necessary to diligently follow all use instructions attached to a particular treatment.

Any deviation from such instructions isn’t likely to give you desired results. With this said what medications are effective for lice control?

Lice have become resistant to a lot of treatments including some over-the-counter medications meant for lice control.

Reliable Lice Treatments

Since we’re looking at what follows after lice treatment, let’s take a look at effective treatments for lice problems.

Effective treatments will be those that kill these pests and their nits or eggs. It’s also important to note that lice extermination isn’t automatic.

In other words, it’s a gradual process that may take up to a week or more.

Effective lice medications are categorized into two; over-the-counter medications and prescription medications. Is any better than the other? Not really.

  • Over-the-Counter Medications

Over-the-counter medications considered most effective are those approved by the FDA.

Most of these products contain certain active ingredients like Permethrin lotion 1%, and a combination of Pyrethrins and Piperonyl Butoxide.

When using over-the-counter medications, it’s necessary to follow every use instruction.

Some over-the-counter treatments may require that treatment be applied after showering while others may recommend application before showering.

  • Prescription Medications

As the name implies, prescription medications require seeing medical personnel or a physician (doctor) for help with your lice problem.

Such expert(s) provide prescriptions on the drugs with information on how to apply. The pharmacist dispenses such medications. So, what are these medications like?

FDA-approved medications like Spinosad 0.9% topical suspension, and Benzyl alcohol lotion, 5% are prescribed. Others include Malathion lotion, 9.5%, and Ivermectin lotion, 0.5%.

Lindane shampoo 1% may also be prescribed by your health professional.

How Long Do I Have to Wait to Shower After Lice Treatment?

As stated earlier, lice extermination and showering have nothing in common. By itself, showering does nothing to solve the problem.

It’s of no significance to the treatment process.

Most topical applications or treatments can be concluded by rinsing off the treatment after sitting on the scalp for the required treatment duration.

So, speaking of how long it takes after treatment until you shower, you should follow the product instruction. Every product comes with specific use instructions.

You only need to follow every treatment as instructed.

Prevent Medications From Making Eye Contact

Whether you’re showering after treatment or simply washing off medications from your scalp, you must prevent treatments from making contact with your eyes.

Most medications provide such precautionary guidelines.

Showering and Treatment Efficacy

We must consider the different scenarios that play out when looking at showering and lice treatment.

While some believe that treatment efficacy is bolstered by showering, there’s no logical connection. This is because treatments will have to be rinsed after sitting for the period recommended.

With this said, there’s no definite connection between lice treatment and showering.

Showering is a basic hygienic practice that should be performed frequently irrespective of whether you have a lice problem or not.

Showering May Be Useful For Resolving Body Lice

There are times when head lice aren’t the problem. A person may be dealing with body or pubic lice. Getting rid of such pests isn’t as difficult as it is with head lice.

As such, a simple shower could do a lot to kill and remove body lice.

This is the only time when showering by itself will do a lot to resolve a pest problem. A lot of people have had significant relief simply by taking a shower.

Asides from taking a shower, it’s important that dirty clothing be washed immediately and fresh ones are put on.

Putting on dirty and infested clothing only results in a situation where the problem is recycled. As stated above, you’ll have to put on fresh clothing after taking a shower.

Of course, dirty clothing will have to be cleaned to kill any lice on them.

The Verdict

Asides from body lice, showering after lice treatment adds nothing in terms of solutions to the problem. It only becomes effective when dealing with the body and pubic lice.

Here, solutions have been found even when treatment wasn’t applied. This isn’t to downplay the importance of treatment or medications for body lice.

Instead, it’s only a statement of fact that part of the treatment procedures for body lice includes showering.

That’s as far as we’ll go in our discussion on showering after lice treatment. With this information, you’re able to know whether some of the claims you’ve heard about lice treatments are reliable.

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