Professional Snake Removal Cost

Often, homeowners have experiences where wild creatures get too close for comfort. Reptiles are among the most feared of these creatures.

Wildlife removal services are available to help get snakes out of your premises. This removal action benefits both the reptile and the homeowner.

Of course, such reptiles need to be relocated back to their natural habitats. If you’ve noticed snake presence around your property, this is one action you’ll need to take; to call wildlife removal.

Knowing the cost is essential as part of the removal process, which is why we’ll be dwelling more on snake removal costs.

How Much Does Snake Exterminator Cost?

Understanding snake removal costs will require looking at the national average price, the middle range, and minimum and maximum charges.

The national average cost for this procedure is around $350, while the average range is between $300 and $400.

At the minimum, you could have these reptiles removed for about $150.

This is primarily the case for more minor and non-venomous snakes. On the other hand, snake removal costs could exceed the average range by about $200. That is $600.

Multiple Factors Determine Snake Removal Costs

When it comes to the cost of removing a snake from your property, several factors are involved. The charge by type of snake, removal cost by location, and removal cost by the method used.

Snake inspection may also attract a fee. Also, if you need emergency removal, you may be paying higher.

You may be dealing with multiple snakes. This logically makes the cost of removal higher. Is the snake venomous? Venomous snakes tend to be riskier to deal with.

They’re likely to attract higher removal costs than non-venomous species. Accessibility is another cost determinant that may come into play.

Merely mentioning these cost-determining factors won’t do justice to our discussion. Let’s discuss each of these and other details relating to removal costs.

  • Cost of Snake Removal by Type

Whenever you call for snake removal, one of the things that will be considered by wildlife removal service is the type of snake involved.

There’s a long list of snakes, the most common being viper, garter, rattlesnake, rat snake, python, anaconda, coral snake, and cobra snakes.

A copperhead is another type that could be hiding within your yard. Each of these snake types poses varying removal challenges. For the most part, a majority of these snake issues will attract removal fees of around $500.

You will remove the garter and rattlesnake species for around $300.

  • Cost of Snake Removal by Location

Your location will determine snake removal costs. Certain areas tend to have higher living costs, which reflect all types of services, including snake removal.

If you live in a big city, you’re likely to pay higher for snake removal than a similar job in a smaller town with cheaper living costs.

Finding out the snake removal cost for your location will require asking for quotes from multiple wildlife removal services. This way, you can choose the best deal you can get.

  • Cost of Snake Removal by Method

Wildlife removal services use different techniques to get rid of snakes.

The method used may determine the cost incurred. Two of the most common removal methods include live traps and reloBaital. Bait is used to attract the snake into for live trap removal trap.

Snake relocation tends to be a common practice among wildlife removal services. However, there are times when killing a snake may be necessary.

Such is likely to occur when the snake is highly venomous. Snake relocation seeks to return the snake to its natural habitat far away from human dwellings.

Average removal costs for both methods are around $300. You’ll need to discuss with a technician to find out what way will be used and how you can reduce the removal cost.

  • Snake Inspection Costs

Some wildlife removal services may not charge for snake inspection, while others will. When you call for snake removal, the first action taken in preparation for the procedure is to inspect the area.

The starting fee for such an inspection is around $75.

These technicians thoroughly understand snake behavior and know the signs to look out for. When snake presence is confirmed, a quote is given to you before removal commences.

  • Emergency Snake Removal Costs

No one expects wildlife incursion into their property as such could happen.

You can reach out to a wildlife removal service immediately when it does. Emergency removal services are provided for such situations to help homeowners deal with wildlife problems.

However, you have to know the higher rate charged, typically more than average rates. You may pay an additional $100 to $300 for emergency snake removal.

  • Multiple Snake Removal

When you discover a snake in your yard, such can be a scary experience. Now the problem could be more significant than you thought. In other words, there could be multiple snakes within your yard.

The number of snakes will be determined from the inspection conducted. For each snake removed, you’ll attract a certain fee.

  • Venomous Snake Removal

Venomous snake removal typically poses more significant risks than handling their non-venomous cousins.

These venomous snakes include copperheads, coral snakes, cottonmouths, and rattlesnakes. Expect to pay higher for removing any of these snake species.

  • Accessibility

Not all snake dens or nesting areas are readily accessible. Wildlife removal contractors handle all jobs ranging from easy to difficult ones.

The more challenging it gets to remove a snake, the higher the cost of removal you’re likely to incur.

There’s little way to determine the difficulty level involved without an inspection. A trained wildlife technician will have to inspect to determine the level of accessibility.

Is DIY Snake Removal an Option I Should Consider?

When it comes to snake removal, your safety should come first. DIY enthusiasts will find the method attractive due to several reasons.

One of such reasons includes a low-cost alternative to removing snakes. While such may be true, it exposes you to a significant danger. It would be best if you let the pros get the job done.

Details on snake removal costs have been discussed above by reading through a better understanding of prices and finding ways to lower your costs.

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