Does Cornstarch Kill Ants For Real?

Can you kill ants with cornstarch? Yes, but there are a few things to take note of. Ants are among the most common insect pests seen around homes. These creatures are highly organized and move around in search of food sources. Such food is transported back to their colony to both feeds on and store … Read more

Does Borax Kill Carpenter Ants?

Does borax kill ants? You’ll want to stick around to find out as we discuss all its exterminating potential. Borax is a commonly available household product that comes in powder form (actually soft colorless soluble crystals) and is applied for several purposes. Such uses include being used for mildew and mold treatment around the homes, … Read more

Does Ammonia Kill Ants?

Can ammonia kill ants? Is this product a reliable ant control option? Let’s find out. Ant problems can be very frustrating for homeowners using a variety of ineffective treatments. Whenever you see these creatures in your home, they’re mostly there due to favorable conditions. These conditions include food, moisture, and nesting areas. The first two … Read more

7 Common Plants That Repel Ants Naturally

Are there indoor and outdoor plants that repel ants naturally? Yes. We’ll be looking at some species in this guide. Ants are can be found almost anywhere with some species considered more dangerous than others. Some people are allergic to ant bites which can lead to serious health challenges. Apart from the harm they pose, … Read more

Does Baking Soda Kill Ants?

Does baking soda kill carpenter ants and other species? Let’s find out. A lot has been said about baking soda having multiple uses asides from baking or cooking. Such examples include being a teeth whitener, serving as a preventive treatment against acne & pimples, and treating nail fungi. Other uses include being a deodorizer, relieving … Read more

Does Vinegar Repel And Kill Ants?

This article discusses vinegar as a potential ant repellent and killer. Asides from the painful bites inflicted by some ant species, these insects are also known to cause damage to structures, appliances, and equipment. Ants are also known to spread diseases too. This is why their presence needs to be addressed. Using Apple Cider Vinegar … Read more

Cinnamon For Ants – Does It Kill & Repel Common Species?

This guide is focused on cinnamon ant control. We hope to find out if this natural product repels and kills common ant species. Using Cinnamon For Ant Prevention And Control If you find natural remedies to pest problems interesting, you might have heard about cinnamon being a handy product with lots of possible pest applications. … Read more

Does Rubbing Alcohol Kill Ants?

Here is all about using alcohol for ant control. Rubbing alcohol has wide applications as a cleaner, for home health as well as medical practices among others. For home health, this product is used as a deodorant, a liniment for muscle aches as well as for evaporating water from the ear, etc. In terms of … Read more

Does Salt Repel Or Kill Ants?

Will salt kill ants? Are you having pest issues and want to use only natural control methods? Salt is one of the many effective products to consider? Apart from its nutritional benefits, salt can be used in a variety of ways to combat pest issues. However, not all pests will be killed or repelled by … Read more

Does Bleach Kill Or Repel Ants? [3 Things To Know]

Does Clorox bleach have any exterminating effect on ants? We’re interested in providing answers to this question. Homeowners are always seeking safer and more convenient alternatives for dealing with a variety of pest problems. While such solutions have been found in everyday products, not all such products are indeed useful for pest extermination. Will Bleach … Read more

Does Eucalyptus Repel Ants?

Is eucalyptus oil toxic to ants? Does it repel or kill these insect pest species? Find out more. For many homeowners, the presence of ants is a problem that can be treated using a variety of methods or home remedies. When it comes to ant home remedies, there are tons of them. These range from … Read more

Does Lysol Kill Ants?

The question is; Will Lysol kill ants? A lot of homeowners seeking to try home remedies for ant control have asked this question. Lysol isn’t only a known cleaning product and disinfectant, it turns out it has more than just these two uses. It has also been used successfully in pest control. Our aim here … Read more