How To Get Rid Of Woolly Aphids

If you’d like to know how to get rid of woolly aphids, then keep reading! Woolly aphids can be quite a nuisance to your garden plants. They gather in large numbers and they suck the nutritious sap away from your plants, leaving them looking unhealthy. If they occur in very large numbers, then their feeding … Read more

Plants That Repel Aphids – 18 Deterrent Herbs

Here are some plants that repel aphids. We’ll be looking at some species of herbs and flowers that keep these insects away. Aphids are teeny tiny pest (the biggest aphid is just ¼ of an inch) with soft bodies, sharp mouths used for sucking the sap out of plants. They are mostly wingless, and they … Read more

6 Homemade Aphid Killer Sprays And Recipes

In this guide, I will be giving you organic tips on how to make homemade aphid killers. For those with vegetable gardens, you would have come across aphids. They are tiny insect pests, also called “plant lice” and they feast on garden plants by latching on to the leaves or base and suck up their … Read more

How To Get Rid Of Aphids

Here is how to get rid of aphids indoors and outdoors, using natural and chemical control methods. Aphids are not just one of the many insect pests that affect agricultural production on the farm, they are extremely destructive. These pests are more than some tiny little insects living off your vegetation; they are deadlier than … Read more