Bed Bug Shells & Casings: Identification & What To Do Next

Are bed bug shells hard or soft? This article will discuss the reasons for bed bug shells, identifying them, and other details vital to bed bug control. Dead Bed Bug Shells: Shedding & Casings On Mattress Sometimes you see bed bug shells on mattresses. Here is why. During an infestation, bed bugs leave behind tell-tale … Read more

Bed Bug Inspection – Checklist, Procedure And Report

A bed bug inspection checklist varies depending on the procedure and the size of the property involved. This guide discusses what to expect, what the procedure entails, the inspection checklist, kit, and equipment to use for bed bug inspection as well as inspecting for a home purchase. What’s more? You’ll also find out the time … Read more

How Much Does a Bed Bug Inspection Cost?

Bed bug inspection cost is an important consideration when analyzing the financial implications involved in controlling bugs. Bed bugs are shy creatures that try as much as possible to stay out of sight. Yet, the same pests can cause sleepless nights to anyone having an infestation. Their love for dark places makes them well adapted … Read more