What Keeps Bees Away? 12 Natural Ways that Work

Looking for what keeps away from your property? Here are some ways to make your home less-inviting to this insect. Although bees play a crucial role in the pollination process which is necessary for crop production, their presence in certain areas is unwanted. Some property owners might consider extermination as the best option to take … Read more

How To Get Rid of Bees

Learn how to get rid of bees naturally in the ground, walls, and siding of your home. Bees are beneficial insects to both the environment and agriculture. But sometimes, these insects may come too close for comfort. They may take up residence in your front porch. This is a situation no one wants to get … Read more

Bees Of Texas – Local Species, Physical Features & Behavior

Let’s discuss Texas bees. Insects come in different varieties with some considered beneficial and others non-beneficial. The beneficial ones serve many purposes such as food production (as in honey bees), pollinators, as well as the dispersal of seeds. Still, certain insects help control the populations of other organisms. Types Of Bees In Texas While there … Read more

6 Strong Herbs & Plants That Repel Bees Naturally

Look for bee-repellent herbs? Here are some plants that repel them naturally. It’s no secret that bees are beneficial insects that contribute to the production of food by helping plants grow through pollination. Honey is also a product of bees with significant nutritional value and is widely consumed around the world; hence the rise in … Read more

Do Bees Hibernate In Winter – Where Do They Go?

What happens to bees in the winter? Do they hibernate or migrate? This is the core of our discussion today. Winter is usually the time of year where a wide range of insects and animals take a break. This is also known as hibernation. Such insects include those considered beneficial and the not-so-beneficial ones. As … Read more

How To Get Rid Of Sweat Bees – 6 Control Options

In this article, I’ll be giving you tips on how to get rid of sweat bees in pools and homes. During the summer, it is normal for one to wear less clothing. Those long sleeves could be substituted for light-textured tee shirts, and those pairs of trousers can be subbed for some comfy shorts. But … Read more

How Much Does Beehive Removal Cost?

How much does it cost to remove a beehive? Here is a standard estimate. Bees are generally seen as beneficial insects due to their several benefits. Some of the main benefits include plant pollination, wax production, food preparation (honey) as well as the antibacterial properties of honey. Despite the several benefits derived from these insects, … Read more

Bumble Bee Traps And Baits – 2 Homemade Options

In this guide, we’ll look at the best bumble bee traps and baits to lure this species of bees. There are well over 25,000 species of bees all over the world. Bumble bees are just one out of the thousands of bee species. How To Trap A Bumble Bee There are lots of amazing things … Read more

Bee Exterminator Cost – Average Treatment Prices

How much does it cost to exterminate bees? We have outlined current treatment prices and charges involved in a professional hive removal. There’s always a bittersweet relationship between bees and humans. While these insects are known to be useful in pollination as well as the production of honey, they can also cause pain. Bee stings … Read more