Red Bug Infestation – Factors, Disease Transmission & General Symptoms

Red bugs, also called chiggers are tiny parasitic larvae known to cause a significant level of discomfort to humans. Such discomfort is seen in conditions like sleeplessness, itchiness as well as restlessness. Contrary to claims being widely circulated, red bugs do not feed on blood. Instead, they feed on human cell tissues. They gather in … Read more

How Long Do Chiggers Live?

We will be discussing the average lifespan of a chigger. How long do they live? Chiggers go by several names such as bête rouge, scrub mites, red bugs, chigger mites, and scrub mites. These are barely visible to the human eyes and are basically the larval stage of a mite family known as Trombiculidae. These … Read more

Where Do Chiggers Live?

Here, we’ll be discussing chigger habitats as well as their mode of feeding. Chiggers also referred to as harvest mites or red mites are parasitic arachnids known to cause pain. These mites are infamous for the level of discomfort caused including diseases spread such as scrub typhus. Where To Find Chiggers? The latter shouldn’t be … Read more

How To Get Rid Of Chiggers (Red Bugs)

In this chigger extermination article, I’ll be giving you tips on how to get rid of red bugs in your home. Keep reading! If you have tall, bushy grasses in your yard, or have a significant amount of dampness in your garden, then that hard, irritating bite on your arm was probably delivered by a … Read more