Drywood Termite Damage – Vulnerable Spots, Signs, And Solutions

Here is what drywood termite damage looks like and how to deal with such issues. Drywood termites present a whole range of challenges as they mostly target the wooden components of your home. The bigger problem lies in their ability to feed silently and unnoticed until the damage worsens. To prevent this nightmare from occurring, … Read more

How To Prevent Drywood Termites

How do you prevent drywood termites? Here are some suggestions to stop their infestation. Three types of termites are known to invade people’s homes, business units, social and religious centers. They are; Dampwood termite, Subterranean Formosan termite, and Drywood termite. Preventing Drywood Termite Infestation Of the three types of termites, Drywood is the only one … Read more

How To Get Rid Of Drywood Termites

Here is how to get rid of drywood termites, following practical extermination methods discussed below. Of all the species of termites, the drywood termite exists in small colonies. They prefer to live in abandoned woods or wooden structures, and they can survive without moisture. This is why they live for a very long time, feeding … Read more