Flea Heat Treatment – Types, Preparation and Safety

Our flea heat treatment guide explains the preparation and procedure involved in this control method. There are several ways through which fleas can be exterminated. However, this article will focus on one strategy: heating houses to kill fleas. As you read on, you’d find out if this method is worth applying. Often asked questions will also … Read more

How Much Does Flea Heat Treatment Cost?

How much does flea heat treatment cost? How does it compare with other methods of flea control? No matter how difficult a flea problem is, there’s always a solution for it. In other words, there are several strategies to tackle such infestation. However, we aren’t discussing flea extermination methods today but our interest is focused … Read more

Does Steam Kill Fleas?

Can steam kill fleas? Here is what you should know about this control option. Are you seeking an alternative to the use of pesticides for flea control? There are several options to consider. We’re not here to dwell on the other alternatives for flea control.  Rather our goal is to find out if steam can … Read more