How Much Does House Fumigation Cost?

How much does it cost to fumigate a house per square feet? Let’s do some digging. Properly structured buildings are designed to resist the effect of natural elements like a snowstorm or other outrageous climatic conditions. Yet, there is no design to guard against pests from intruding our homes. For instance, micro pests like termites, … Read more

How Does Fumigation Works?

Fumigation is a process whereby fumigants (consisting of a variety of chemicals) are used for pest control or extermination. Pest presence is known to be responsible for all sorts of issues. With fumigation, you get to eliminate them from homes, processed goods, buildings as well as surroundings. How Fumigation Works So, how does fumigation work? … Read more

Fogging Pest Control – Thermal and Cold Options

Fogging is a pest control technique that involves the use of a pesticide spray known as aerosol or the very active pyrethroid, which is a quick action pesticide used to exterminate all kinds of insect infestation. Hot vapor can also be used instead of those pesticides, especially for those who hate to use chemicals. Fogging … Read more

Where Does Pest Control Spray In Apartments?

Where does pest control spray in apartments? Pest issues for tenants are constant threats that always require taking both preventive and active treatments. When discovered early on, most people adopt DIY removal or extermination techniques. However, the truth is; that these techniques don’t often work. Under such circumstances, it becomes necessary to seek professional help. … Read more

Types Of Fumigation and Fumigant Chemicals

What are the different types of fumigation? How do they differ in methods and safety considerations? Find out. What chemicals are used in fumigation? The use of fumigants is an efficient pest control method that is used the world over. We’ll also get into the details of these chemical fumigants and what they do. During … Read more