Are Landlords or Tenants Responsible for Pest Control?

Is the landlord or tenant responsible for mice, bed bug, termite, or roach extermination in an apartment? Oftentimes, disagreements ensue regarding the pest control responsibilities of landlords or tenants. A lot of people want to know who takes responsibility for pest problems or infestation in a rented property; the tenant or the landlord? Who is … Read more

Outdoor Pest Control – Exterminator Solutions For Yards & Lawns

Do you need exterior pest control? Here are the most practical options for outdoor pest control. Your yard can be overrun by a wide range of pests within a short period of time. These pests will automatically extend indoors, especially when you have pets around. It’s never a good idea as this will negatively impact … Read more

Exterior Pest Control Treatment Options And Products

Exterior pest control refers to outdoor pest management strategies adopted to keep a wide range of pests at bay. It’s no secret that all pest issues find their way into your home outside. A comprehensive way to deal with pests will be to call for interior and exterior pest control measures. Home Exterior Pest Control … Read more

Apartment Pest Control – Tips, Responsibilities, Safety & Hiring Exterminators

Here is a guide on pest control for apartment buildings. If you live in an apartment building, your pest issues are likely to be more frequent because a next-door neighbor having this problem will likely result in spillover to your home. The most difficult pest issues in apartment buildings are bed bugs, roaches, and rodents. … Read more

24-Hour Emergency Pest Control – Around The Clock 24/7

In this guide, I’ll be discussing 24-hour emergency pest control that is often available around the clock 24/7. Have you ever found yourself in urgent need of a pest control service? Imagine looking under your mattress and finding an army of bed bugs lodged under, or opening your kitchen cabinet and finding too many roaches … Read more