How to Clean Hair Brushes and Combs After Lice

Here is all about cleaning combs and brushes after lice treatment. Head lice infestations tend to be challenging to treat due to the ease of spread and sharing hair accessories like combs and brushes, among others. Head lice parasites need the warmth and blood provided by hosts to thrive. Improper use of hair accessories will … Read more

Peppermint Oil For Lice – Does It Kill Or Repel? [+ Alternative Sprays]

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Does Rubbing Alcohol Kill Lice?

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Does Hair Dye Kill Head Lice?

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Does Lysol Kill Lice? Facts & Alternatives

Can Lysol kill lice on furniture, fabric, helmets, beddings, mattresses, couches, and other surfaces? Lice problems have increasingly become difficult to treat, possibly due to genetic mutation, which seems to be the reason. This is possible because lice treatments that worked effectively in the past have zero effect on lice today. Watching lice problems flourish … Read more

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8 Essential Oils For Lice Prevention & Treatment

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