How To Get Rid Of Booklice – Treatment Options

Do you want to get rid of them? Then I’ll be giving you tips on how to get rid of booklice in new build and existing accommodation. If you just moved into a newly built home, then you may notice the presence of booklice. They love humid areas and a new home provides the right … Read more

How To Deal With Lice On Blonde Hair

Here, we’ll be discussing lice on blonde hair. Lice issues aren’t restricted to certain hair types or persons. This problem which is commonly associated with school-age children has become a menace that’s difficult to treat. However, finding lice on certain hair types is easier than others due to the color. Against the backdrop of blonde … Read more

How To Prevent Lice Eggs From Hatching

So how to stop lice eggs from hatching? Here is a guide to follow. It doesn’t take long for lice eggs to hatch after being laid. This happens within the space of 1 to 2 weeks. Without a doubt, this poses serious problems and means that their parasitic feeding activities and problems caused will linger … Read more

How Long Does It Take To Get Rid Of Lice?

In this discussion, we will be looking at how long does it take for lice to go away after treatment. Lice issues are among the most embarrassing pest situations anyone could face. These are common with kids who easily get affected by friends when they come into head-to-head contact with them. Before long, everyone within … Read more

Showering After Lice Treatment – Efficacy, Frequency & Concerns

Here, we’ll be discussing showering after lice treatment. What does it portend? How does it help resolve the problem? Is treatment efficacy impacted in any way? These and more will be discussed right here as you read along. Lice Treatment And Showering There are treatment protocols for a variety of pest problems. Certain procedures require … Read more

Found Dead Nits But No Lice? Here Is What To Do Next

is it possible to have lice eggs but no lice? Yes. We’re interested in discussing lice infestations in situations where only nits (lice eggs) are seen with no sign of adults. Have you ever encountered such a situation? When this is noticed, many questions will race through your head. Such questions will seek to find … Read more

Lice House Cleaning – Washing And Disinfection Tips

Lice house cleaning is not as complicated as it may sound to you. Interestingly, simple home remedies can help you feel clean and lice-free. When head lice turn your black, brown, or blond hair into their residence, you need to take actions that evict them permanently, so you can feel clean and also feel like your … Read more