7 Plant Species That Repel Moles Off Yard

Are there plants that repel moles? Yes. We will discuss some species that deter them from your yard. Finding lasting solutions to the burrowing activities of moles can be a tiring activity if you have limited knowledge of what to do. One of the most reliable strategies involves the adoption of natural remedies such as … Read more

6 Best Mole Traps and Bait Options That Work

One control option that has become popular with many is the mole trap. As such, our discussion will be centered on mole traps and baits. How do mole traps work? Let’s find out. Moles are among underground critters notorious for burrowing through gardens and yards. Such burrowing habits deface home landscapes in addition to damage … Read more

How To Get Rid Of Ground Moles In Yard & Garden

Here are the best ways to get rid of moles in your garden or yard completely. Moles are creatures whose activities are mainly restricted underneath the ground. Although they help rid your yard of insects, there is a downside to their activities. If you keep a garden or lawn, then you should be concerned about … Read more

Is A Mole A Rodent?

Is a mole considered a rodent? Oftentimes, people categorize moles with rodents due to the similarities between them in terms of physical features. Although such characteristics aren’t entirely identical, moles still look like some form of rodents. Plus, they’re destructive in the sense that they dig a maze of tunnels that can be unsightly. What … Read more

How Much Does Mole Extermination Cost?

How much does it cost to remove a mole? Here is the average cost of hiring an exterminator. When faced with a mole problem, the most reliable way to fix this problem isn’t by doing it yourself. Rather, it’s best to call reliable pest control services. Now, the cost of extermination is one important detail … Read more