Should You Buy A House With Powderpost Beetles?

Whether or not you buy the house with powderpost beetle infestation will largely be influenced by your perception of the problem. In other words, there are times when a buyer might still purchase a home despite an existing pest problem. Under such circumstances, the buyer either understands that the pest problem can be managed or … Read more

How To Get Rid Of Powderpost Beetles

I’ll be using this article to give tips on how to get rid of powderpost beetles. If you’ve never had any problems with powderpost beetles, then count yourself among the lucky few. They are wood-infesting beetles who don’t care how much you spent on your woodwork! The good news is, just like every other pest, … Read more

Powderpost Beetles Vs Termites – Features, Destructive Nature & Solutions

Whenever you come across a problem, it’s necessary to first identify the cause(s). That is, whether the damage is due to powderpost beetle activity or termites. So, are you having difficulty telling apart damage caused by powderpost beetles and termites? This article will serve as a guide towards proper identification. Powderpost Beetle Vs Termite When … Read more