How To Keep Rabbits Out Of Garden Without A Fence

Keeping rabbits out of the garden has become a general concern as the highly prolific animals seek to satisfy their basic need. Though there are several ways to keep rabbits out of your garden, the best would be without a fence. The advantages are numerous. But first, let me take you through two popular ways … Read more

21 Plants That Repel And Deter Rabbits

Looking for herbs or flowers that will chase off these animals? The list of plants that repel rabbits. While rabbits are cuties, the damage they are capable of causing on your plantation is very far from cute. The last thing you want after spending time, money, and energy to come out with a classic garden … Read more

Do Marigolds Keep Rabbits Away?

Do marigolds help keep rabbits away? Here are the facts. Having rabbits around your yard or garden can pose varying types of problems. These burrowing mammals are attracted to food and shelter. Shelter here refers to places or areas with ample hiding spots. The overgrazing actions of rabbits will lead to the loss of plant … Read more

How To Get Rid Of Rabbits

Do you intend to get rid of rabbits naturally and without killing them? I have also included some extermination methods that may be useful when the need arises. Rabbit problems are real. These bunnies, though cute can cause significant damage to garden plants. What makes the rabbit problem even worse is that they can chew … Read more