Can Spider Mites Live in Carpets?

Do spider mites live in carpets? This is an often raised question we’ll attempt to answer. The very nature of the question itself sounds a bit off because mites feed on plants. Spider mites are arachnids known to attack or cause problems to a wide variety of plants. As such, the connection between carpets and … Read more

Are Red Spider Mites Harmful To Humans?

This article discusses the dangers of red spider mite bites on humans. Whatever pest issue you’re dealing with, one thing is paramount; your safety. Now, a lot of pests are known to cause all sorts of pains. These range from bites, stings, and the likes. Asides from these, there’s also the risk of diseases spreading. … Read more

Where Do Spider Mites Come From?

Do you know where spider mites come from? This is our focus in this discussion. If you noticed a steady discoloration of your garden plants, chances are that such could be due to spider mite presence and feeding activity. So what causes spider mite infestation? Let’s find out. How Do You Get Spider Mites? First, … Read more

7 Common Plants That Repel Spider Mites

Looking for plants that repel spider mites to control them naturally? Here are seven species that work. When faced with a spider mite problem in your garden, taking immediate action will determine how fast such a problem is tackled. More importantly, the specific measure taken will determine your success. Here, we’ll be discussing ways to … Read more

9 Effective Red Spider Mite Control Chemicals

Here, our discussion will center mostly on available mite control chemicals being used. The chemical approach to pest treatment has long been used with research on effective treatments being discovered. Mites are no exception to pests being treated with the chemical and natural control method. You’ll get to choose the most suitable chemical treatment method … Read more

Types Of Spider Mites [Guide To Identifying Common Species]

Here are the different types of spider mites. As a gardener, you’re likely aware of the destructive activities of spider mites on plants. These pests are rightfully called spider mites because they’re similar to spiders in the sense that they weave webs. However, the main difference is in their food preferences. While spiders feed on … Read more