What Are Squirrels – Vermin Or Pest? [Are They Dangerous]

Are squirrels considered vermins? Are these animals rodents and classified as dangerous pests? Vermin is a loosely used term that’s mostly used to refer to all pest categories. So, is that really the case? Not really. Not all pests are vermin. Rather, only those known to spread diseases and also cause havoc on crops and … Read more

How To Keep Squirrels Off Shepherd’s Hook

This article shows you how to keep squirrels off your shepherd’s hook and improve the functionality of your squirrel-proof bird feeder. Can squirrels climb shepherds’ hooks? Yes. Bird feeders are known to attract squirrels and other opportunist creatures often. They target such areas due to the constant supply of feed. In many situations, squirrels have … Read more

How to Trap Squirrels for Food

Here is all you should know about trapping squirrels for food. People hunt for various reasons, including food, fun, fur, or survival. Whatever it is, the objective is the same; kill or trap targeted prey. While this may sound strange to you, squirrels are hunted for food. Although not so popular today, squirrels have been … Read more

Will Mothballs Keep Squirrels Away?

Do mothballs keep squirrels away? Yes, but it is ineffective. We will be discussing using mothballs to get rid of squirrels in the attic and other sections of your home. Apart from the damage caused by squirrels, these rodents can also transmit diseases ranging from rabies, tularemia, leptospirosis, salmonellosis, and Lyme disease. Do Mothballs Repel … Read more

9 Classic Signs Of Squirrels In The Attic

Here, we’ve discussed common signs of squirrels in the attic. You only get to look out for such signs to determine whether or not they are present. Squirrels are among the destructive rodents as they cause all sorts of damage to landscapes and plants. These cute rodents are also known to nest in undesirable areas … Read more

Squirrel Damage To House [Attic, Roof, Wiring & Health Risks]

What damage can squirrels do in the attic? This article will be discussing all the havoc caused by squirrels in homes, especially in the attic area. We’ll also go ahead to proffer simple solutions to overcome the problem. One of many pest issues dreaded by homeowners is the presence of squirrels in attics. These cute-looking … Read more

How Do Squirrels Get In The Attic?

How can squirrels get in your attic? Are you concerned about squirrel presence in your attic? One thing that’s most common with most homeowners is concern over how these pests got into the attic in the first place. This is a logical way to look at the problem as you seek to address it. We … Read more

How Much Does Squirrel Removal Cost?

How much does it cost to remove a squirrel? Here are the average prices that exterminators charge for exterminating these pests. Squirrels pose a wide range of problems, including property damage and health risks. Getting rid of them or removing them is the best action to avoid such problems. To do this, you’ll need expert help, which … Read more