How To Obtain A Pest Control License

Obtaining a pest control license has become an often asked question among persons interested in starting a pest control business. Pest control licensing is a requirement for pesticide applicators across the United States, as it certifies them as having the required skills and technical know-how on pest control. The range of pesticides covered includes the … Read more

How To Get A Pest Control Training

If you are interested in starting a pest control business, then one of the major requirements is getting trained. This also includes persons not interested in starting a business, but interested in getting trained. This article will discuss how to get pest control training and will provide all the information you need to know on … Read more

Sample Pest Control Business Plan Template

Are you interested in writing a pest control business plan? If YES, here is how to open a pest removal company. Starting a pest control business comes with a lot of challenges. Especially in the area of logistics. There are also certification and licensing issues as well. Dedication and commitment are key ingredients for success. … Read more