Termite Treatment Companies – Reviews, Price Quotes & Top Exterminators

One of the most dreaded pest problems to face involves termite infestation. The level of destruction to property that could happen within a short period of time is what makes termites very problematic. The bigger problem lies in the difficulty of getting rid of these pests. Having observed termite presence on your property, you’ll find … Read more

Are Flying Termites Attracted to Light?

Are winged termites attracted to light? In this article, we will find out if termites like light or not. Swarming termites are quite common in spring and consist mainly of Formosan termite species that fly in search of new breeding locations. An understanding of what this flying action translates to will make any homeowner concerned … Read more

Do Termites Come Back After Treatment?

Do termites return after treatment? In this guide, we will be looking at why these insects come back and how to prevent a resurgence. Every homeowner dreads termite infestations due to the sheer level of damage caused. Termites are also among the most difficult infestations to deal with. Sometimes, a problem lingers on way beyond … Read more

Termite Droppings But No Termites – Here Is Why

Do you see termite droppings but no termites in your home? In this article, we’ll be discussing what this means and the necessary steps to take. Are you wondering whether the oval-shaped pellet droppings scattered over your home belong to termites? That’s a scary prospect that could indeed be true. Apart from their shape and … Read more

Termite Inspection – Checklist, Preparation And Procedure

Here is a termite inspection checklist, including preparation tips to follow when carrying out the procedure. First, we’ll start by saying termite inspections are necessary for any homeowner. Whether you will inspect the property yourself or hire a certified professional doesn’t matter. Any option selected is vital to the safety of your property. How often … Read more

How To Get Rid Of Termites – 12 Protection Methods

Are there ways to get rid of termites permanently? Yes. Here are some remediation tips that can help you kill termites completely. Termites are among the most difficult pests to deal with. Though such is the case, it can be handled effectively using the right information. This article is aimed at providing you with all … Read more

How Much Does Termite Damage Cost to Repair?

How much does it cost to fix termite damage? Without a doubt, termites can be highly destructive. Every year, these pests cause damages worth billions of dollars. The treatment process includes getting rid of them while also fixing the damage caused. The latter attracts the most expenses. Termite Damage Repair Cost This question hardly has … Read more

Termite Heat Treatment – Preparation, Procedure and Safety

Is heat treatment for termites effective? In the course of this article, we will attempt to answer this question. We will also discuss expert termite heat treatment methods, as well as the DIY procedures if you intend to get the job done yourself. This option is one of the most popular tentless termite treatments. Pros … Read more

Termite Swarmers in Bathroom

In this article, we look at one of these signs; termite swarmers in the bathroom. It’s usually disturbing for homeowners to find signs of termite presence in their homes. This can be scary for many as termites cause rapid damage to structures. Here, any section of your home may be affected. Termite in Bathroom: Attraction, … Read more

Wood Rot Vs Termite Damage – 3 Differentiating Signs

In this guide, we will be comparing termite damage to wood rot. Wood is an essential resource with many uses ranging from fencing, furniture, art, insulation, fuel, kitchen utensils, musical instruments, construction, and many other services. Now, pests like termites or wood rot can attack any of these. When wood deteriorates due to these two conditions, … Read more

10 Termite Treatment Chemicals and Poisons

Top-quality termite treatment chemicals and poisons have been proven to be the most effective way of controlling these little creatures who seem to have been created for only one purpose -destruction. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, termites cause billions of dollars in structural damage every year, and property owners spend over two … Read more

How To Choose A Termite Company

Here is how to select the best exterminator for your termite control needs. Termite infestations are considered serious due to the level of destruction that could result. When such infestations are noticed, DIY measures are completely ruled out due to the seriousness of the problem. You’re left with the option of calling for professional help … Read more

Termite Treatment Without Tenting – 4 Alternative Options

Here are some alternatives to termite tenting that work. We’ll be looking at termite treatment without tenting. Termites are arguably the most difficult pests to deal with. Apart from being highly destructive, these pests are likely to remain hidden until significant damage has been caused. Now, there are various ways of dealing with a termite … Read more

How Much Does Yearly Termite Protection Cost?

We will focus our discussion on the yearly cost for most termite protection plans. Every year, homeowners face a variety of pest challenges. Among the most difficult to deal with are termites. Pest control services provide a wide range of solutions with multiple treatment options available. For every pest treatment, the cost is a primary … Read more

Formosan Termite – Features, Damage, Treatment & Prevention

In this guide, we will be discussing Formosan termites, including the damage they cause and their treatment options. How To Get Rid Of Formosan Termites Termite infestations are considered serious and must be urgently treated to limit property damage. These destructive pests invade homes and mostly remain unnoticed until considerable damage is done. To have … Read more

Termite Damage Signs & 7 Repair Options To Consider

What are the common termite damage signs and the repair options to fix them? Let’s find out together. Termite damage is one thing no property owner ever wishes to experience. No matter how little the termite damage may seem, you’ll need substantial money, time, and energy to fix it. This article will look at different … Read more