Does Rubbing Alcohol Kill Ticks?

Will rubbing alcohol kill ticks? Yes, with proper application. Ticks’ problems will naturally result in significant discomfort for hosts. These include humans and pets. When your pets roll in the grass or around your yard, they’re likely to pick up ticks that readily wait for such opportunities. This problem is transferred to your home and … Read more

Does Peppermint Oil Repel Ticks?

Will peppermint oil repel ticks completely? Here is comparing the myth to scientific findings. A whole lot of remedies are applied for tick treatment. You want to repel these parasites as effectively as you can. While this is important, success entirely depends on the use of a remedy that works. Peppermint Tick Control One commonly … Read more

Does Lysol Kill Ticks?

Will Lysol kill ticks? Let’s dig into the facts. Ticks are pesky blood-sucking insects that can cause tremendous discomfort through their feeding habits. Getting rid of them can be done with a variety of home remedies among which is the use of Lysol. This cleaning and the disinfecting product has been found useful beyond cleaning … Read more

Does Vinegar Kill Or Repel Ticks?

Quite a lot of natural solutions to pest issues exist and provide lasting relief. While this is true, not all are effective. Based on the pest, different natural methods work best against certain pest problems. Vinegar is one of many natural remedies that has been embraced for pest treatment, hence the question; does apple cider … Read more