8 Tick-Repellent Plant Species That Keep Them Away

Are there any plants that repel ticks? Yes. Here are eight species that work. Ticks feed mainly on blood. Possible hosts for these external parasites range from birds, mammals, amphibians, etc. When faced with a flea problem, there are lots of alternatives to deploy in combating the problem. However, none are as effective and safe … Read more

9 Common Bugs That Look Like Ticks But Are Not

What bugs can be mistaken for ticks? Here are some insect pests that look like ticks. When dealing with a pest problem, the need for proper identification is crucial to the treatment process. As weather conditions become warmer, it gives rise to the emergence of a wide range of bugs. Now, some of these are … Read more

How To Remove A Tick Without Tweezers

Here is how to get a tick off without tweezers. As parasitic arthropods, ticks always need a suitable host to feed. Of course, their meal comprises solely on blood. Their mouthparts are well adapted for feeding on blood. These have to be buried into the skin of a host. Humans, pets, and other animals are … Read more

How To Get Rid Of Ticks

This guide will discuss how to get rid of ticks in the house naturally and by using other extermination methods. Ticks are bloodsuckers that have not only pets and animals on their radar but also humans. While several medications help fight the problem, avoiding tick infestation is the best option. We will be looking at … Read more