Paper Wasp Nest – Identification, Removal & Prevention

In this article, we’ll look at paper wasps, their nesting behavior, identification, signs of infestation, sting, and the removal of these pests and their nests. These and several other points discussed below will help handle this pest problem and rid your home and surroundings of wasp nests. How to Get Rid of Paper Wasp Nest People … Read more

How To Get Rid Of Sand Wasps

Looking to get rid of sand wasps? Here is a practical extermination guide. For the most part, sand wasps aren’t known to be much of a problem to humans. However, these are wasp varieties mostly found in sandy areas or places with less vegetation covering the ground. Gardeners are more likely to encounter these insects … Read more

How To Keep Wasps From Building Nests

One of the main things wasps are known for includes constructing nests, but how do you keep them from building them? When built as far away or at a safe distance, a nest isn’t a problem. However, it becomes a problem when these wasps find your home surroundings a suitable environment for building their nests. … Read more

How to Get Rid of Mud Daubers

To deal with this wasp species, we’ve provided effective methods to get rid of mud daubers. You get to choose what option serves your needs best. How to Get Rid of Mud Wasps Mud daubers are known by several names, including organ-pipe wasps, dirt daubers, potter wasps, and mud wasps. When nesting around a home, … Read more

Plants That Repel Wasps – 14 Species That Deter Them

In this guide, we’ll discuss plants that repel wasps, including several species that have been proven to keep them away. Wasps are one of the insects that you need in your garden. They are known as beneficial insects because they pollinate flowers and also help to get rid of a wide range of unwanted pests … Read more

What Do Wasps Eat? Dietary Requirements

What does a wasp eat? We’ll be looking at the feeding and nutritional requirements of these insects. If you’ve noticed a surge in wasp presence around your home, you will naturally ask several questions. This includes what attracts them, what they eat, and so on. This article will be focused mainly on discussing the nutritional … Read more

Does Citronella Repel Wasps?

Can citronella oil repel wasps? For most people, wasps have no identifiable benefit. This is why most people prefer bees over wasps in addition to seeing them as a nuisance. Whether these stinging insects are beneficial or not isn’t the point (at least for our discussion). Will Citronella Repel Wasps? In this article. we will … Read more

How To Get Rid Of Wasps In Attic

Here is how to keep wasps out of attics. It’s not unusual to find pests such as wasps setting up shop around your home. A major problem with these pests is that they could sting when disturbed and maybe holed up in areas that aren’t readily accessible such as siding or the attic. If you’re … Read more

How To Get Rid Of Cicada Killer Wasps

In this guide, I’ll be giving you tips on how to get rid of cicada killer wasps. Cicada killer wasps are a popular breed of wasps in Texas. They fly viciously and can encroach into your yard. These wasps look very intimidating, thanks to their size (larger than a mature bumblebee), and they are one … Read more