Taste deterrent for dogs is one of the sure ways to keep them away from your furniture or other items in your home.

Dogs are lovely and cute pets to have around. However, with such cuteness comes some form of property damage. Dogs will chew on just about anything they find including furniture, shoes, and a variety of household items.

This can be worrisome if such a situation worsens. The best strategy to adopt is by applying taste deterrent.

Taste deterrents for dogs come in different forms and types. These products are also known as anti-chew sprays. You can either get these from your nearest store or pet shops or make your homemade taste deterrent.

What Makes Taste Deterrents Effective On Dogs?

Naughty dogs will sink their teeth into just about anything they can find. This includes their fur, furniture, pillows, dolls, and more. With taste deterrents, they are stopped in their tracks.

One of the main factors that make taste deterrents effective is their foul taste.

This product is sprayed or applied onto surfaces most targeted by dogs. Whenever dogs try chewing on furniture again, they are repelled by the foul taste of the taste deterrent. This helps you control your dog better.

Are Taste Deterrents Harmful?

The issue of safety is paramount to every pet (dog) owner. You won’t like to place your pets in harms-way. Therefore, you want to ensure that only safe strategies are used to keep your dogs from causing property damage.

The main aim of taste deterrents is not to cause harm to dogs. Rather, they are meant to repel or deter them from causing damage to your valuable items. With this product, you get to control and keep your beloved pet while saving your property from damage.

Taste deterrents for dogs cause no damage at all. If you’re still doubtful about this, consider talking to a veterinarian for advice on what to do and how to go about it. Taste deterrents also come in different brands and types.

Consider going through product reviews before settling for one.

Addressing the Cause

Sometimes, the best approach to take while using taste deterrents for dogs is to do so while correcting the destructive behavior. While some dogs are just naughty and want to chew on just about anything they find, others do this for certain reasons.

The most common reason you might be facing a destructive situation with your dog may be due to separation anxiety, boredom, or discomfort (associated with developing teeth in puppies). The major aim here is to adopt a sustainable approach that will ensure dogs eventually grow out of this behavior.

So, dogs can be trained to chew on their toys while avoiding certain things and furniture.

The best way to do this is by applying your taste deterrent on items you want to keep safe from chewing while leaving those they can chew or gnaw on.

Are Stains Left Behind?

One of the key factors you’d want to use in determining a good taste deterrent product is whether it leaves a stain behind. No good taste deterrent for dogs should leave a stain. The best products are sprayed with no stains left.

As such, your property is safe and can be easily cleaned whenever you need to.

Pay Close Attention to the Ingredients

When buying a taste deterrent for your dogs, extra caution must be paid to the contents or ingredients included in such products. Ingredients such as tea tree oil (in concentrations above 1% to 2%) isopropanol (rubbing alcohol) are toxic to dogs.

Certain dogs are allergic. Such conditions must be considered when buying a taste deterrent. You might want to seek expert help such as a veterinarian.

This way, you get to choose only the best products while limiting your dog’s destructive behavior.

Can Taste Deterrents Be Used On Dogs?

Apart from spraying on surfaces and objects to protect them from chewing, taste deterrents can also be applied directly to dogs. If you’re faced with a situation where your dog chews on its injury, licks at itchy spots, or bites its stitches after surgery, taste deterrents should serve to prevent such.

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However, not all taste deterrents for dogs are safe for use on pets. You’ll need to ask the experts (your veterinarian) for help in choosing the best products for use.

You Might Have to Tolerate the Smell

Taste deterrents are either odorless or have a medicinal smell. For odorless products, using such will be readily acceptable by most people. However, for those having an unpleasant smell, this might require some tolerance.

Luckily, such a smell isn’t very strong and since you’ll be applying to lower areas such as furniture legs and baseboards, etc, it shouldn’t be very noticeable. This is a small price to pay for keeping your dogs under control.

On the other hand, if you’ll be applying your taste deterrent to bedding such as pillow and covers, we recommend you go for strictly odorless products. The reasons are obvious; when lying down, you’re more likely to perceive the smell.

An odorless taste deterrent for dogs will hardly be perceived.

How Long Does It Last?

When buying taste deterrents for dogs, you want to find out how long it lasts. The longer-lasting it is, the better.

However, this depends on your dog(s). Some dogs will always seek ways to continue chewing on their target during the first days of application.

With time, they get to mark such targets as unwelcoming and keep their distance. Getting a longer-lasting taste deterrent is advisable. You’ll also need to spray this product as often as possible to keep dogs away.

Great Taste Deterrent Products to Consider

There are lots of anti-chew sprays to choose from. Here, we’ve helped you narrow down your pick to some of the most effective.

These include Fooey! Ultra-Bitter Training Spray, Rocco& Roxie Extreme Bitter Spray, Grannick’s Bitter Apple, Fur Goodness Sake Bitter Apple Spray, and Nature’s Miracle No-Chew Deterrent Spray.

Others include Bodhi Dog Bitter Lemon Spray, Particular Paws Anti-Chew Bitter Spray, Out! Bitter Cherry Chew Deterrent, Vet’s Best Bitter Cherry Spray, and Natural Rapport Dog Repellent Spray.

The process of selecting a taste deterrent for dogs shouldn’t be complicated. This article has helped to simplify the process by providing you with a guide to follow.

Also included are some of the best taste deterrent products to buy.

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