How much does a termite contract cost?

Our main focus here is to discuss termite contract costs. If you plan on getting into one of such contracts, you’ll need some help figuring out the cost details.

Here, we provide you with all of that and more. We’ve provided comprehensive information on what to expect in addition to identifying the factors affecting costs.

Cost Of Termite Contract

If you’re familiar with termite treatments, you’re likely to have an idea of contracts and how they work.

Also called termite bonds, these are basically agreements for scheduled inspections and treatments spanning a defined timeframe.

Contracts help guarantee that a pest service will keep an eye on any termite-related issues that may develop.

Importance of Termite Contracts

Before we get into details on cost, it’s necessary to state the importance of termite contracts.

First off, one of the most obvious benefits of contracts is the fact that they help with prevention. It’s common knowledge that termite issues can be difficult to deal with.

Rather than have these problems develop, it’s best to take a proactive approach that involves prevention. Contracts help check termite incursion.

Secondly, you get to maintain and improve the value of your property without having to worry about termite issues. Termite contracts also tend to be cheaper compared to one-time treatments.

Plus, they help save you money in repair costs. With a termite contract, you’re considered a viable borrower when applying for a loan or financing for certain improvement projects.

Average Termite Contract Costs

Termite contract costs vary by frequency. Under these contracts, you find options ranging from one-time visits, to fortnightly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly plans.

With termites, a one-time treatment hardly does justice to the problem, especially when dealing with major infestations. Here, rechecks will be necessary hence the varying options or plans.

The cost range for termite contracts is usually between $175 and $1,500. However, there may be slight variations depending on your preferred contract as well as the company you hire.

There are also multiple cost-influencing factors that impact how much you incur for termite contracts.

i. One-Time Visit Contract Cost

Termite treatments are performed on various levels. Most times, the level of infestation determines what approach or option to adopt.

Speaking of infestation levels, there are small, medium, large, and severe termite infestation scenarios. Here, the least severe can be addressed fully by a one-time treatment visit.

However, there’s a risk of experiencing resurgent termite infestations in the future. The cost for this treatment option usually falls within the $900 to $1,200 range.

If you’re worried about a possible re-emergence of termites in the future, you might want to consider other more comprehensive termite contracts.

ii. Monthly Termite Contract Cost

As the name implies, monthly termite contracts are scheduled each month. The cost range for this type of contract is around $300 to $540 a year.

Here, a number of treatment measures are deployed including the use of baits. Such baits aren’t difficult to place or replace. These mostly cost around $40 to $50 per unit.

One thing that makes termite baits highly effective is what they’re made from. These baits consist of cellulose and slow-acting insecticide which allows termites to take the bait right into their colony for maximum effect.

As colony members feast on the bait, it eventually wipes out such a colony.

During routine (monthly) visits, technicians come around to inspect the bait and possibly have them replaced with new ones. Baits constantly check termite incursion and help keep them at bay.

Compared to one-time visits, it’s clear that monthly contracts are much cheaper.

iii. Quarterly Termite Contract Cost

Quarterly termite contracts adopt a different approach in terms of frequency.

As the name implies, visits are done every quarter to inspect your structure for termite presence and provide possible treatments. Depending on who you patronize, you may incur a yearly cost of about $400 to $1,200.

Quarterly termite contracts aren’t for every termite situation. As a matter of fact, they’re best applicable for termite-free structures.

However, these structures need a more thorough inspection every quarter to ensure they’re not infested by termites. Bait treatments may also be used as a preventive measure.

iv. Annual Termite Contract Cost

This is one type of termite contract that’s performed once every year. The actions taken during such visits mostly depend on the contract agreement.

There are basic inspections as well as contracts accompanied by treatments. The cost range for this type of treatment is usually around $175 o $1,500.

On the low end, the cost covers thorough inspections of your structure and nothing else.

However, homeowners needing much more than a thorough inspection can pay more to have their property thoroughly inspected and treated.

Here, baits and barriers are deployed to ward off these pests.

You’ll have to check what your service provider offers as treatment details may differ from what other termite services offer.

Factors Affecting Termite Contract Costs

Termite contract costs are affected by multiple factors that include the company hired, the type of termite, and cost by the size of the structure. Your location also counts or has a contributory effect on how much you pay for a termite contract.

Let’s find out what each of these means.

  • Company Hired

As mentioned earlier, who you hire may impact the cost of your termite contract.

The pest control industry is one that’s highly competitive with lots of players. Every one of these companies has its unique pricing structure.

By comparing quotes, you’re able to find a good deal.

  • Type of Termite

The type of termite or species may have an effect on termite contract costs.

The Formosan species of termites have the reputation for being the most destructive variety. This factor might be included during cost estimation.

  • Cost by Size of Structure

The size of your property will likely determine the termite contract cost you incur. Larger homes or structures will most times attract higher costs than smaller ones.

  • Cost by Location

Here, variations in living costs play a key role in determining termite contracts.

Certain cities or states tend to have higher living costs than others. This will impact termite contract costs significantly as it will likely be costlier in locations with higher living costs.

Details on termite contract costs have been provided with further details on influencing factors provided. You’ll have to wisely choose who you patronize for your termite issues.

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