Do you see termite droppings but no termites in your home? In this article, we’ll be discussing what this means and the necessary steps to take.

Are you wondering whether the oval-shaped pellet droppings scattered over your home belong to termites? That’s a scary prospect that could indeed be true. Apart from their shape and form, termite droppings will appear in small mounds like pepper or salt near their nests.

If that’s the case, where are the termites at?

This is the logical question to ask when termite frass is seen but no termite insight. Are you faced with similar problems? It would be best to read on to understand better how these pests behave and how to fish them out.

Termite Poop But No Termite: More Tell-Tale Signs

Apart from the termite droppings, you see around your home; there could be other signs of termite presence.

You’ll have to be on the lookout for these before calling to take further action. So, what could these tell-tale signs be? There are several.

If you have termites in your home, apart from their droppings, you should see or notice hollow sounding timber, mud tubes on ceilings and along external walls, open wood, piles of shed wings around your property, headbanging, white ants, tunnels in wood, warped doors & stiff windows.

These signs added to seeing termite droppings around your home are sufficient reasons to take action. You don’t need to see an actual termite before knowing that you have a significant problem.

However, let’s further explain these points to help with better understanding.

  • Hollow Sounding Timber

Certain termite species such as drywood termites will damage or consume wood from the inside out.

This feeding action leaves either the paint or the thin veneer behind. These may look intact when visually observed. However, tapping the wood should give a hollow sound.

In some cases, such wood will be so frail that pushing a hand or screwdriver against it may go through it. Coupled with termite droppings, this sign should remove any doubt about their presence.

  • Mud Tubes Along External Walls

Mud tubes are one of the most accessible signs of termite activity or presence on walls. These structures are built from dirt, termite saliva, and mud and connect a termite colony to a food source. So, what are other uses of these mud tubes?

Termites built any mud tubes you find to retain moisture and shield termites from the weather and predators. Seeing these tiny tubes running outside your home is a sign you have termites around.

However, you might see these tubes indoors!

When you do, that’s a clear sign that these destructive pests are present within your home. It is time to act fast or lose your property to damage.

  • Piles of Shed Wings Around your Property

You’re likely to find other tell-tale signs in your bid to confirm termite presence without actually seeking them, including piles of shed wings. These are scattered around your property and result from flying termites called alates.

These consist of males and females who have embarked on a mating journey to establish a colony. You could be lucky enough to spot these termites at night when they dance around the lights.

Some others (such as drywood termites) will typically swarm after rain at certain times of the year.

Discarded wings are strewn around because these alates or swarmers lose them after finding a mate. Work begins immediately as they head off to a suitable nesting site to start a family.

So, with piles of shed wings around your property, you should think of taking urgent action.

  • Head Banging

Headbanging sounds weird.

Well, it isn’t as loud as imagined. This activity is heard as tiny clicking sounds that emanate from your walls. What happens is that soldier termites keeping watch will warn colony members of danger by banging their heads against the wood.

This has to be done because worker termites are noisy eaters. When you go close enough and put your ear against the infested wood, you should hear some chewing or feeding.

Coupled with the other signs, headbanging should alert you to take action.

  • White Ants

Why are white ants included in tell-tale signs of termite presence?

We included this to correct the misrepresentation of white termites with ants. While there are similarities between the two, apparent differences differentiate white termites from ants.

Termites mostly have a translucent or white creamy color. Instead of having bent antennae-like white ants, theirs (white termites) are straight. You can also distinguish white termites from white ants by taking a closer look at their waist section.

Here, those termites are much thicker. The two pairs of flying wings belonging to termites are of the same size, unlike those of white ants. You might want to look closely enough to identify a termite problem.

Your “white ant” could indeed be termites ready to descend on your property.

  • Wood Tunneling

One of the things termites are well known for is their tunnel-building skills in wood. These are also called galleries and can’t be seen from without. However, broken timber will reveal these tunnel systems built by termites.

This presents a unique challenge as detailed inspection isn’t possible due to the hidden nature of termite tunnels.

Luckily, advancement in technology is helping with tunnel detection without having to break up such wood. This enables pest management services to take action.

It’s necessary to mention that wood tunneling by termites can’t be readily observed unless such wood is broken. So, when you find such tunnels running within damaged lumber, there’s a strong chance you’re dealing with a termite infestation.

  • Warped Doors & Stiff Windows

Warped doors and stiff windows are common signs of termite presence and activity.

These pests produce moisture which in turn causes your wood to warp. What results is a situation where you find it difficult to open your doors and windows.

Combating Termite Problem

We made mention of taking urgent action at different points within this article. What this means is simply calling the pros for further investigation and treatment.

Termite treatment shouldn’t be carried out by homeowners based on the complexity of the problem.

Experts or pest management services are better positioned to provide comprehensive termite extermination services.

Termite droppings are just one of many signs of termite presence. The others have been listed above. Whether these pests are seen or not isn’t necessary.

As long as these signs are visible, they’re proof enough to swing into action.

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