Let’s discuss the average termite inspection cost that you should expect from most pest control services.

Inspection for one of the dreaded pest problems can attract a fee depending on whose services you use.

Termites can infest a property with no one noticing. This exactly is the problem. These insects are known to cause a lot of structural damage. The longer they remain unnoticed, the greater the risk of damage.

However, there are ways to detect their presence.

If you suspect the presence of termites, call a pest control company immediately. There’s no need to handle the job yourself. We wouldn’t recommend that either. Call in the professionals and step aside for a thorough inspection of infested areas.

How Important is Termite Inspection?

The answer is simple and straightforward; very important! Sometimes while trying to cut down on termite inspection-related costs, such questions might arise. You don’t even need to wait until you suspect termite presence, that is if you love your property.

Sometimes, termite presence is only noticed long after heavy damage has been done.

Under such circumstances, you won’t only be thinking of wood infestation inspection costs, but also on how to foot repair expenses. So, you should treat a termite problem with all the seriousness it deserves no matter the costs. Frequent inspections are needed especially in termite-prone areas. This translates to more cost.

Termite prone areas are locations where termite problems are most common. An annual inspection should be done with or without the visible signs of termite presence in a property. The frequency of inspection can be reduced in less prone areas.

How much does it cost to have a termite inspection? Let’s find out.

Average Cost of Termite Inspection

The cost of inspecting for termites varies with the species involved and the size of your home.

The average termite inspection cost is around $100. However, this can go for as low as $50 or as much as $290. This higher range seems too much to you but consider the thousands you’d be saving from repairs.

Annual termite inspection cost can run into a few hundred dollars, and such plans often come discounted by most termite inspection companies.

A termite inspection letter reflects the general conditions of your house after inspection. For most services, preparing a termite inspection letter costs between $45 – $50.

But then there are free termite inspections. Not every pest management service will demand a fee for its inspection. These companies offer thorough inspections, as well as treatment recommendations. In certain cases, you get to choose to either continue or back out.

Start by chatting or calling a pest company about its inspection terms. They will be glad to answer all your questions.

  • Cost of Termite Inspection for Home Purchase

When buying a property, there’s a need to call for an inspection before finalizing the deal. The home purchase service offered by property inspection companies has this covered.

In other words, the cost of an inspection is incorporated into its home inspection costs. Their termite inspection fees should be between $70 to $120 or more. When added to the company’s home inspection costs, you should be paying anything from $299 to $499.

A seller, on the other hand, will need a termite report which will be added to the home insurance documents. This should cost anywhere between $100 to $150. The period of validity for the termite report card is however short, as it remains valid for only 30 days post-inspection. This should be time enough for the seller to conclude all the necessary preparations.

The inspection conducted by home inspection services not only covers termite inspection but other pests as well. In a way, this is a cheaper option compared to inspecting for a specific type of pest.

  • Recurring Termite Inspection Cost

Staying in a termite prone area as earlier stated, requires you to call for inspection frequently. The cost you incur for such a service won’t be much though. Need we say you have the freedom to opt-out or take advantage of free annual inspections? You should maximize available opportunities such as discounts, to cut down on termite check cost.

Also, you must be wary of the company is offering the service. The pest control industry is filled with both good and bad. In other words, there are competent and qualified professionals, as well as the quacks.

Find out what existing clients of these companies say. Online reviews may give you a fairly clear picture of who’s reliable.

  • Cost of Termite Inspection for Commercial Properties

For most of our discussion, we have focused only on home inspections.

Commercial termite inspections, on the other hand, is a different ballgame. By this, we mean that most commercial properties hardly qualify for free inspections. This may be due in part to the size of such structures.

Inspection costs for termites will differ and will cost between $299 to $499. This also depends on how heavy the termite presence is.

  • Who Pays for Termite Inspection?

If you are selling a property, it may be ideal that you take up the payment. Termite inspection for home sale may be one simple way to increase investors’ confidence in buying your property.

On the other side, if you are trying to get a mortgage from a bank, they may require you to provide a termite certificate as the buyer.

  • Reasons You Should Pay for a Termite Inspection

When buying a property, the seller may not provide a comprehensive termite inspection report. In other words, such a report may be incorrect or filled with inconsistencies.

At this point, you don’t want to assume things.

You might also be faced with a risky situation where you sit on a pest problem unknowingly. Paying for a more comprehensive termite inspection will be in order.

Another reason to initiate and foot the cost of the termite inspection is when there was no prior exercise done. The seller may have been lax in his or her responsibilities. Plus, certain states have no requirements for home inspections. The easiest thing to do will be to walk away from the deal altogether.

However, if you love this property and feel it is worth the try, then you’ll need to pay for a termite inspection.

One of the ways to cut down on termite inspection costs is to ask for a clear termite inspection report. Nevertheless, you must take precautionary measures to call for at least a free termite inspection.

A clear termite report is only as good as a confidence booster. Verification of its contents will have to be done by a licensed pest technician.

The termite inspection cost is an integral part of the extermination expenses, which is needed to cut down on the heavy damage incurred by termite activity. However, we must say that deliberate action must be taken on time. A delay will only worsen an existing infestation.

Then, you won’t be talking about inspecting and treating termite problems alone, but also how to foot repair expenses.

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