Termite Swarmers in Bathroom

In this article, we look at one of these signs; termite swarmers in the bathroom.

It’s usually disturbing for homeowners to find signs of termite presence in their homes. This can be scary for many as termites cause rapid damage to structures.

Here, any section of your home may be affected.

Termite in Bathroom: Attraction, Signs & Control

Everyone homeowner will want to know why termites would be in their bathrooms. Unfortunately, there are many reasons, as you’ll soon learn.

These pests find suitable nesting conditions around your bathroom and won’t readily leave until the attraction is addressed.

Termite Swarmers: What they mean

Whenever you find or observe termite swarming, it’s an annual ritual where termite colonies produce young winged adults called swarmers.

These leave their colonies of origin and travel off to form or establish their colonies. You’ll notice this happening during the daytime.

When you find these swarmers, it’s a clear sign that termites are active nearby. This is a clear sign of trouble, considering those swarms happen in or around your bathroom area.

Without termite swarmers, it’s mostly difficult to know about termite presence until their damage becomes evident.

So, what can be done to address the problem? The answer isn’t complicated. You only need to act by taking several measures such as those mentioned below.

For any intervention to be worthwhile, you’ll need to make certain findings that include looking for signs of termite activity and seeking the sources of attraction, among others.

Can Termite Swarm Issues be addressed Via DIY Methods?

Wherever they occur, termite infestations are known to be serious and highly damaging to structures.

This isn’t a risk anyone will want to take. While there are multiple approaches to swarming termite extermination, not all are effective regarding the quality of results obtained.

DIY control for termites is one method that isn’t as effective as many homeowners think.

There are many downsides to associate with the DIY approach, which have to do with the lack of training and experience on your part.

With little to no understanding of termite behavior, you’re unlikely to find any real solutions.

More Signs of Termites in Bathroom

It’s important to note that termite swarmers don’t appear every time. Thankfully, there are multiple ways to determine if termites are active within your bathroom.

You need to understand that these pests can stay out of sight for extended periods and only become evident when their damage worsens.

Any combination of these signs should alert you to termite presence in your bathroom.

These include jammed windows and doors, mud tubes on walls, saggy ceilings, pipe penetration, and bubbly paint. Others include termite wings around damp areas of the bathroom and more cracks appearing on walls.

You may also pick up swarming sounds, find termite droppings or frass, peeling paint, and damaged wood baseboards. Termite presence in the bathroom may signal loose tiles on the floor and walls.

In the absence of termite swarmers, these signs provide you with all the information you need.

Termite Attraction to Bathrooms

There are reasons why some cases of termite swarms are observed in bathrooms.

Most of these are moisture-related. Such reasons include faulty ventilation systems, framing material, crevices & cracks, leaky plumbing systems, as well as the presence of bathtubs and showers.

i. Faulty Ventilation Systems

Adequate ventilation is needed in bathrooms to help with the proper removal of steam.

A faulty ventilation system affects this process, thus leading to increased humidity and dampness. Termites thrive under such conditions and easily gravitate to this section of your home.

Ordinarily, fixing the faulty ventilation system should help conditions return to normal. You’ll need to be more attentive to your home’s maintenance needs.

ii. Framing Material

A bathroom’s interior framing style matters.

Here, we’re talking about the ceiling and walls. If the framing material is predominantly wood, it’s not surprising that termite swarmers appear around your bathroom.

Some homeowners might seek to remodel this home section to discourage termite presence.

iii. Crevices & Cracks

Cracks appear on walls and floors for a variety of reasons. When they do, they offer easy openings for termites and other pests to start their colony.

The problem with such cracks is that they can sometimes appear around difficult-to-reach areas. Part of the solution will require fixing these cracks.

iv. Leaky Plumbing System

Leaky plumbing systems attract a variety of pests, including termites.

When this problem persists, it could lead to establishing a termite colony which only becomes apparent after the appearance of termite swarmers.

Leaky plumbing systems in bathrooms consist of faucets and pipes.

v. Presence of Bathtub & Shower

Moisture is never absent in bathrooms, especially those seeing frequent use. Due to such moisture sources, termites find this area suitable to start a colony.

Now the problem for many homeowners is that such nests might not be noticed early until a colony is fully established and termite swarmers are seen.

How To Treat Termites in the Bathroom

Having observed termite swarmers in your bathroom it’s a clear confirmation of a termite colony nearby. You’ll need to take drastic steps toward addressing the problem.

One of the most reliable strategies involves calling the pros. Licensed termite specialists or technicians have the training and experience to tackle the problem.

These termite companies inspect the problem before recommending a treatment approach. Now, termite infestation problems vary from one property to the next and may require different approaches.

Based on findings, technicians decide what’s best to address the problem.

  • Consider Termite Prevention

To get rid of these pests, you’ll have to adopt several termite preventive strategies. These strategies tend to be most effective as they prevent termite colonies from forming.

They include simple actions like fixing leaky plumbing systems and ensuring your bathroom’s ventilation is working.

More preventive strategies include clearing your gutters to allow for free drainage, preventing water from pooling, repainting your bathroom’s walls and ceilings, and calling for yearly termite inspections.

Termite swarmers in the bathroom expose your prized asset (your home) to a significant danger. It’s a clear sign of a termite colony nearby and calls for urgent steps toward exterminating such a colony.

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