One of the most dreaded pest problems to face involves termite infestation.

The level of destruction to property that could happen within a short period of time is what makes termites very problematic. The bigger problem lies in the difficulty of getting rid of these pests.

Having observed termite presence on your property, you’ll find yourself easily distressed about the situation. The need to work with a reliable termite treatment company becomes paramount.

However, figuring out these reputable services can become a bit of a challenge unless you know what to look out for.

In this article, you’ll be finding information regarding tips for hiring reliable termite treatment companies, in addition to a list of some of the top companies in terms of customer satisfaction.

As you read through, you should find a reliable service provider without much stress.

About Termite Treatment

For termite treatment, you need to understand that it’s all about prevention and extermination. Now, the level of satisfaction you get depends entirely on what company you hire.

Here, we’re talking about the company’s level of competence in providing termite solutions.

You want to look for a company that provides multiple termite extermination methods. It becomes easier to choose a treatment that fits your termite situation and needs with such options.

Not all termite problems are approached the same way. Also, the preferences of the customer are taken into consideration.

Choosing the Right Termite Exterminator

When looking for a reliable termite treatment company, you’ll discover that there are many options at your disposal. However, not all of these are reliable enough as some have terrible customer reviews about their services and customer relations.

Some of the vital things to assess before hiring a termite treatment company include service guarantees, customer experience & benefits, treatment options available, and costs.

So, what do these mean, and how do they guide you to the right termite treatment company?

Let’s have a look.

  • Service Guaranties

There are varying levels of service guarantees from one termite solutions provider to the next. You want to go with a company that will re-treat the area when initial treatment is found to have been insufficient.

In other words, the company should be able to repeat treatments of re-infested areas at no additional cost to you.

A money-back guarantee should be part of the deal when problems persist. This way, you’re able to opt out by asking for a refund of your money.

  • Customer Experience & Benefits

For any reputable termite treatment service, customer experience is everything.

That is because perception matters. A company should provide as many resources to allow for a better customer experience.

Such include multiple communication channels, including email, phone, and chat).

Other benefits include service rep availability, ease of use, service area, and informational materials to educate the client about the company’s services.

  • Treatment Options

What treatment options does the termite company offer?

We earlier said there should be several of these options. Examples include tenting, liquid spraying, and the deployment of baiting systems, among other things.

A pest problem is better tackled when there are multiple treatment options available. This is something you want to look out for in a termite treatment company before hiring.

  • Cost of Extermination

Termite treatment costs are among the primary considerations of most customers.

In a bid to save money, you should be interested in comparing costs from one service provider to the next in addition to finding details on discounts, among other things.

Does the company offer major discounts? Are there free inspections? All of these contribute to choosing what company to patronize and which affordable termite treatment options to consider.

Top Termite Treatment Companies to Consider

There are lots of options for choosing a termite treatment company.

These comprise major termite treatment service providers with many years of customer satisfaction. Popular names include Bulwark Exterminating, Arrow Exterminators, and Viking Pest Control.

Other termite treatment companies include Ehrlich, Orkin, Terminix, Truly Nolen, Presto-X, Plunkett’s Pest Control, Wil-Kil Pest Control, and Sprague Pest Solutions.

Other companies include Southern Pest Control, Bell Environmental Services, Abell Pest Control, and McCloud Services.

We won’t be getting into the full details of all termite treatment companies. That will be practically impossible as there’s an almost inexhaustible list of companies to go through. Plus, it may just end up boring.

You’ll need to make the right pick is a list of helpful tips.

These tips include making a key comparison of offers, looking out for a plan of work, checking the company’s membership status, and paying close attention to the company’s reputation.

Let’s have a look at these points.

  • Comparing Offers

One thing that’s common with all termite treatment companies is their offers to woo clients.

To know which better serves your pest needs, you’ll have to make comparisons between them to pick the best possible deal.

Many people are tempted to go with cheaper costs, but the reality is that such may be misleading.

You want to go with a service provider that clearly demonstrates its ability to help you find lasting solutions to your termite problem.

  • Plan of Work

This is about the procedures or treatment guidelines followed for termite treatment. You’ll have to request its basic termite treatment procedures to see how well it’s structured.

A reliable company won’t have a problem showing you that.

  • Membership Status of the Company

Is the company registered with a professional body?

This is important because companies that aren’t may be unreliable. An example of such a professional body is the National Pest Control Association.

These professional associations set the benchmark for safe and service excellence.

  • Reputation

Reputation matters greatly and should form a major criterion when hiring a termite treatment company. One of the ways to find out about the company’s reputation is by reading customer reviews.

You can find such reviews on Yelp and other independent sites. The higher the reputation, the more likely you’ll get satisfactory termite treatment.

So far, we’ve seen that hiring termite treatment companies involves a lot of work. Using the tips provided above, you increase your chances of choosing the right service provider.

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