Termite Treatment Without Tenting: 4 Alternative Options

Here are some alternatives to termite tenting that work. We’ll be looking at termite treatment without tenting.

Termites are arguably the most difficult pests to deal with. Apart from being highly destructive, these pests are likely to remain hidden until significant damage has been caused.

Now, there are various ways of dealing with a termite problem. One of them includes tenting.

In this guide, we will discuss how to kill termites without tenting.

How To Get Rid Of Termites Without Tenting

However, we’re not going to be discussing tenting.

Rather, we’ll be focusing on termite treatments without tenting. Are such treatments going to be effective? They are! You only need to read on to learn more about how this is performed and what roles, if any can be played by you.

No-Tent Termite Treatment Reviews & Benefits

For the most part, termite treatment using the tenting method isn’t convenient for most homeowners. They have to leave their homes for the duration of treatment until it’s safe enough to return.

Apart from the inconvenience, finding a temporary living space until treatment is completed will attract added costs. Such added costs may include lodging in a hotel.

However, if you have somewhere you can stay free for the night then you won’t have to worry about incurring additional costs.

Tentless Termite Treatment: Need To Hire Experts?

Termite problems are often quite difficult and tricky to perform.

In other words, trying to get rid of termites yourself is bound to fail as these pests are invasive. You’ll need to understand termite behavior to know how best it can be handled.

This is something trained technicians are good at. A trained and experienced termite technician or exterminator will know just where to look at. Plus, such technicians have the tools needed to perform a satisfactory job.

The same cannot be said for untrained homeowners.

All types of termite treatments including tenting should be performed by a pro. This gives you a better chance of halting their spread and damage to your structure.

With this question fully answered, it’s important to focus on other types of termite treatments asides from tenting.

Non-Tenting Termite Treatments

It’s important to know that the tenting type of termite treatment is quite effective on termites. However, that isn’t the only extermination method that produces results.

Several types exist, some of which include spot wood treatments, orange oil treatments, boric acid treatments, and liquid nitrogen treatments.

i. Spot Wood Termite Treatments

Drywood termites are most notorious for wood infestation. Ordinarily, such infestations may go on for long before any notice is taken. When this happens, it results in more damage.

However, if you’re lucky enough to discover or identify the presence of drywood termites, you’ll do well to commence treatment immediately.

Here, holes are drilled onto affected wood with a power tool. This allows for the treatment chemical or termiticide to penetrate the wood. Here, termite harborage is targeted.

This might not be as effective as tent treatment where gas is deployed to permeate every space.

A more practical approach to spot wood termite treatments is to have affected wood replaced. With this approach, you won’t have to deal with the stress attached to spot wood termite treatments.

If you’re to proceed with spot wood termite treatments, then exact infestation spots need to be identified.

  • Safety Precautions

Multiple types of chemicals are used for termite treatments. Irrespective of the type used, it’s important that all safety measures are adopted or taken into consideration.

This wouldn’t be a problem when a professional termite exterminator is involved.

All chemical termite products bear a use instruction. You mustn’t ignore such. In other words, ensure you read through the instructions and explicitly follow or implement them.

ii. Orange Oil Treatments

Another non-tenting option for using orange oil for termites. This is most suitable for persons seeking to adopt the non-toxic approach to termite extermination.

Here, pure orange oil is used for such treatments.

Before it’s applied, holes are drilled onto the affected wood. Now, this essential oil possesses acidic properties in addition to D-limonene.

Combined, these active ingredients in orange essential oil readily kill any termites on contact.

The use of orange oil treatments for termites is another alternative apart from tenting that will still give you the results you seek. For orange oil treatments to be effective, the exact location of termites needs to be known.

You might need some help in figuring that out. Termite exterminators have the needed tools to probe and easily detect termite presence.

  • Safety Precautions

It’s important when treating termite problems to ensure you abide by the use instructions on the product label. You should also be careful to avoid undiluted orange essential oil use on your skin.

Using protective gear such as a pair of gloves should do a lot to help.

iii. Boric Acid Treatments

Boric acid is quite popular among homeowners as it’s used for treating a wide range of pest issues.

This includes termite problems. As with orange oil treatments, the exact spot where the termites are active needs to be determined.

Pinpointing the exact area can be tricky. This is why you need the help of a professional. Once affected areas have been found, Treatment commences by drenching such areas with boric acid solutions.

This is mostly applied using a syringe. The one-time application won’t do much. You’ll need to repeat this action until there are clear results.

  • Safety Precautions

Safety is very important when it comes to termite treatments. Before you get started, it’s important to put on your protective gear. These range from gloves and masks.

iv. Liquid Nitrogen Treatments

Another termite treatment that won’t require tenting is the use of liquid nitrogen. Now, liquid nitrogen use or handling isn’t for everyone. Only professionals are competent to make use of this chemical.

As such, only reputable termite extermination services should be contacted.

  • Safety Precautions

Safety is key to how effective treatments are. You should understand the risks associated with liquid nitrogen use.

Direct contact with this chemical is likely to lead to frostbite as well as injuries. Therefore, only allow a professional to get the job done.


Does tentless termite treatment work? Yes.

Termite treatment without tenting is possible and frequently practiced based on client preferences and realities on the ground. Here, we’ve seen some non-tenting methods for treatment.

As always, we recommend you call a trained and experienced professional for all types of termite treatments.

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