What chemical kills termites? Do you know how to kill them off in furniture and walls? Find out more in this termite removal guide.

Termites are some of the most difficult pests to control. One of the main reasons for this is because they are likely to attack your property from below the surface.

In other words, they are subterranean insects. Before you notice a termite infestation, the problem is likely to have existed for some time. This article will show you how to take care of the problem with the topic ‘how to kill termites’.

Signs of Termite Infestation

As with other pests, there are common signs to show that you have a termite problem. These include the following;

  • Mud Passageways or Tubes

These are common for termites. If you see any of these close to your property, chances are that you are looking at an infestation problem. These are likely to be found in soils with enough moisture content. These mud tubes may connect to trees or to the walls of your home. When such is observed, immediate action is required to save your property from destruction.

  • Wooden Coloured Excrement

This is another way to know if there’s an infestation. These are droppings you are likely to notice when cleaning your home. Termite excrement is likely to be wooden  coloured and in the form of pellets. When you notice this, it is prove enough that you have an infestation.

  • Damage to Wood

Among the things destroyed by termites, wood occupies the top spot. If you have a wooden structure or part of your property is made of wood, then you may want to take your time to frequently inspect such structure(s). When you notice that there are droppings and the wood starts to become weakened or hollow, there’s likely to be a problem that needs urgent attention.

  • Crack of Paint and Wall

This is another way to identify if there’s a termite infestation or not. When termites attack a wall, you first notice that the paint and wall begin to crack. The wall cracks in unnatural ways that cannot be attributed to foundational defects.

How Do You Kill Termites?

Under this section of the article, you will learn a variety of ways you can get the job done. This includes the adoption of different techniques towards achieving desired results. Efficient methods of termite elimination include;

  • Applying Ortho Home Defence Max

This is a highly effective treatment method that kills termites instantly. It has an after-effect that lingers on for a period of 5 years, keeping termites at bay. Whether you want to apply it as a preventive measure or to treat an active infestation, this chemical helps you take back control of your property.

It comes in a concentrated solution that produces 32 gallons of spray when diluted. With Bifenthrin as its active ingredient, you can buy a 16 ounce bottle for $20.00.

  • The Use of Liquid Termite Barrier

Another method of killing termites is by using a liquid insecticide such as Taurus SC or any other effective liquid pesticides. How is this applied? It is one of the simplest ways to kill termites. All you need to do is simply apply this round your property. This is highly poisonous and locks these pests in.

Upon contact with the pesticides, termites retreat and mix with their colony members. This chemical is not fast acting. It gives enough time for the termites to come in contact and spread this as much as possible. This non repellent liquid pesticide kills off all termites within your property.

  • Termidor Foam

Termidor Foam is best used indoors. For voids created by termites on the walls or below the floor, this is applied and covered for safety reasons (from kids and pets). It is thorough and absorbs into affected areas killing all termites. Its effects still linger on a long time after application.

  • Using Poisoned Baits

With poisoned baits you do not need to spray chemicals round your home. This method addresses safety concerns. All you need to do is place in it within the area of infestation. These termites are attracted, get poisoned and return to the colony. It is not fast acting, and gives enough time for the other termites to mix up with the infected ones.

This leads to poisoning on a larger scale. This is similar to the use of insecticide barriers. The only difference is that this is more contained, and easier.

  • Boric Acid

This method of killing termites is best when there are no children or pets around. You need protective gear such as gloves and masks when applying this treatment. Boric acid is toxic. You can spray this on wood or on infested areas. This method dehydrates the termites. It also affects their nervous system too.

  • Nematodes

This is a treatment method which uses the predatory approach in arresting termite infestation. Nematodes are parasitic worms that feed on termite hosts. Nematodes eliminate termite populations in no time. If you are concerned with safety around humans and pets, you need not get worried. These are harmless to both humans and pets.

A delay in applying them or keeping them exposed for too long will render then useless as they can easily die off. If you are worried about the environmental impact of most treatments, then this may be one of the most environmentally friendly treatment methods.

  • Flooding

Another natural way to kill termites is by drowning them. This method is only feasible when the property can withstand it without leading to further damage. When symptoms are found, you need to dig up infested areas and sufficient water applied. This does the job and leaves no form of toxicity in its wake.

  • Using Salt to Kill Termites

Did you know that salt could be used in killing termites? Yes it can be used. To do this, you have to create a very salty solution. This is applied to infested areas. This leads to dehydration. Before long, they all die off.

  • Permethrin Dust

Like Boric acid, this is a toxic treatment that needs careful application. You will also need protective gear. It is easy to use. This measure is not only effective for killing termites but also other destructive pests as well. Because it is widely used for pest control, you are likely to have used it or come across it.

  • Using Cardboard Traps

Damp cardboard strips should be placed close to areas of infestation. These serve as favourite source of cellulose for termites. When they must have invaded the cardboard strips, you can quickly take these outside and burn them in an already prepared fire.

  • Exposure to Sunlight

Termites thrive in the dark. This is why their mode of attack is mostly subterraneous. To get rid of them on a moveable furniture for instance, you can simply take this out. This should be exposed to direct sunlight. These pests detest sunlight and will be easily killed.

  • Get Professional Help

This option is for those who would rather have a pest control company get the job done for them. There are several pest control services within your state. You can simply conduct a little online research to find out more about them. Most pest extermination companies offer free quotes to clients. You can request for a free quote for your property.

A trained, certified and experienced technician will come over to conduct a thorough examination of the damage and level of infestation. The cost implications are disclosed after this process. You can use this to compare the quality and professionalism of the different pest extermination companies.

After Killing Termites, What Next?

It is important that preventive treatments are done both before and after an infestation problem must have been addressed. In other words, these are done to discourage the return of termites. Some measures include;

  • Relocating Wood Farther Away from your Home or Property

Termites feed mainly on wood due to its cellulose content. Keeping woods close by is simply calling for trouble. The best action to take is to move them away from your home. Another option is to store them properly and apply termite treatments to the wood. Doing this reduces the chances having an infestation problem.

  • Applying Treatment Around the Perimeter of your Home

This is another effective preventive treatment or property maintenance. It costs little compared with having to deal with treating an infestation. For best results, you will need to arrange a scheduled reapplication. Under such an arrangement, your home is kept free of termites.

  • Seal Openings and Cracks Which Can Serve as Entry Points

This is crucial to keeping your home free of termites. These pests will easily exploit open spaces no matter how little the openings or cracks may be. To prevent this from happening, you need to seal up any open spaces or cracks.

This is crucial especially for persons living in termite infested neighborhoods. You need to frequently go round your property to inspect. If your home has a wooden floor, you may want to take this more seriously as it could come under attack at any moment.

We have discussed several strategies on how to kill termites. Among these are the natural extermination strategies as well as the use of chemical treatment. Most of these methods are DIY  strategies. However we included an option for calling in professional help if you prefer such option.

This article has ended with preventive treatment you can use as well. We believe you have found this useful and will be able to put its content to practice in your efforts to kill termites fast.