Have you ever used an ultrasonic pest repellent before? Well, here are the dangers of prolonged use and side effects in humans.

Are Ultrasonic Pest Repellers Safe?

One characteristic common to all such devices is that your ears never pick up any of the sounds being produced.

The ultrasonic sound waves being produced are specifically targeted at pests and insects to irritate them enough to keep them away.

Ultrasonic Pest Repeller Dangers

While this sounds cool, the use of ultrasonic pest repellent devices always raises questions about possible side effects. Are there side effects I’m unaware of? Does it affect or irritate my pets as well?

If there are side effects, to what extent are they harmful?

These are possible questions you’re likely to ask.

How Ultrasonic Pest Repellent Devices Work

The best approach to finding answers about possible side effects of ultrasonic pest repellent devices is by looking at how they work. By its basic design, an ultrasonic pest repeller requires electricity to work.

With its socket plugged into a power source, it begins to emit high-frequency short wavelength sound waves.

Such sound waves being released are high pitched and beyond the range picked by the human ear. However, this is quite different for other pests and insects as such sounds are audible to them. The average human ear can pick up sounds within the 12 to 20,000 Hz range.

Anything outside of this range can’t be heard. Now, as these sound waves are being emitted, they cause vibrations and waves that even penetrate walls.

According to such claims, critters are unable to bear such irritating sound hence causing them to retreat.

Ultrasonic Pest Repeller Side Effects On Humans

Can ultrasonic pest repellers hurt humans? Yes.

The use of ultrasonic pest repellers might seem cool but could end up doing more harm than good. Speaking of the negative impacts of such devices, you’ll need to consider the safety of your pets and other animals.

While there are claims about being able to adjust frequency levels to suit pets, there’s no definiteness about the reliability of such features. You could end up causing significant discomfort to your pets, thus making your home environments unsafe for these pests.

Consider the fact that such devices were particularly designed to irritate these pests. The fact that you can’t hear the sounds being emitted doesn’t mean such sounds aren’t audible to your pets and other animals.

Ultrasonic sounds can actually be heard by some individuals. If you’re younger, ultrasonic sounds are likely to be audible to you. This ability to hear or pick up ultrasonic sounds decreases with age.

It will be a torturous experience to continually pick up the high pitch sound waves from ultrasonic pest repellent devices. This could lead to lots of stress.

So, you’ll need to be more careful and take into consideration your kids’ welfare in addition to those of your pets.

  • Prolonged Exposure can be Particularly Damaging

The length of exposure to ultrasonic sound waves will determine how damaging it will be. Some persons may experience migraines, nausea, disorientation, and fatigue.

This could end up worsening as the sound and vibrations persist.

You Might Have No Kids or Pets That Can Hear Ultrasonic Sounds

In a situation where you live alone without kids or pets, then the side effects of the use of ultrasonic pest repellent devices are greatly reduced or even nonexistent.

Here, you can apply this type of treatment without fear of having to cause discomfort to members of your household as there are none.

You’ll have to worry about the efficacy of the device. Does it give you the results you seek? If it doesn’t you’re still at a disadvantage as your pest issues might linger on for long.

Your best bet will be to find a more reliable treatment to rid your home of this pest issue.

A Case for Using Alternative Pest Control Methods

There’s no real scientific proof about the efficacy of ultrasonic pest repellers on pests. While you might have some results, such results may not be widespread.

In other words, results obtained from treatment may be mediocre or grossly inadequate.

It eventually becomes a problem as pest issues may persist while your ultrasonic pest repellent device does little to solve them. More worrisome are the side effects of its use you’re exposed to.

Under such circumstances, having to figure out whether the use of your ultrasonic device is worth the stress or not becomes the focus.

One thing that’s more important than getting rid of pests is your safety.

Your safety and that of your household members are crucial and shouldn’t be toyed with. You might want to choose an alternative treatment with fewer or zero side effects.

This is the best route to take when dealing with a pest issue.

  • There are Lots of Alternatives

There’s never a shortage of pest control strategies to choose from.

Depending on the pest issue, you’ll have to settle for one that works. All the processes to its use or application must be followed.

Only then can you have the desired repellent effect you seek.

So, what’s your pest problem? Different people will have different answers to this question. The point is, your particular pest issue has its own solution.

If you’re concerned about the side effects associated with ultrasonic pest repellent use, then you only need to seek optional strategies to combat the problem.

When Concerned about Side Effects, Seek Professional Pest Control

Another alternative you have over the use of ultrasonic pest repellents is the expertise of trained and licensed pest technicians. These are professionals skilled in the art of pest control.

Whatever pest issues you’re dealing with, these professionals understand how best it’s handled.

You only need to point to the problem and let them do their work. Before hiring a pest management company, it’s important to conduct your background checks.

This is most important when you’re hiring the company for the first time.

Preventive Control is best

The treatment of any active pest problem serves to fix the effects of the problem.

In most cases, this leaves out the causes. So, instead of having to deal with ultrasonic treatments for your pest problem, consider carrying out preventive control.

This focuses on the causes and removes them, thus eliminating the pest problem.

Ultrasonic pest repeller side effects have been discussed with a mention of some of them. You have the choice of seeking better treatment alternatives.

Plus, there’s never a shortage of such opportunities.

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