What Eats Mosquitoes? [6 Natural Predators Discussed]

What bug eats mosquitoes?

Here, we’re most interested in the natural predators of mosquitoes.

In other words, we’re looking at predators that feed on mosquitoes.

If this is your first time, you might be surprised to find that there are several of these predators that feast on mosquitoes.

What Kinds Of Animals, Birds, And Insects Eat Mosquitoes?

When mosquitoes infest an area, the need to get rid of them urgently arises. Such an approach is due to the dangers posed by diseases transferred through their bites.

Common mosquito-related diseases include yellow fever, malaria, dengue, Zika fever, Chikungunya, Japanese encephalitis, and a host of others.

Effective control methods are critical to mosquito extermination.

Natural Vs Artificial Mosquito Control Methods

When compared side by side, a lot of people will have a preference for natural mosquito control strategies as they tend to be environmentally friendly and non-toxic.

Here, safety is paramount as people love solutions with no side effects.

Artificial pest control methods on the other hand may seem effective. However, there are dangers associated with it. Such dangers are mostly related to the pesticides used among other toxic approaches.

While this is true, there are safety instructions that significantly reduce the risks involved.

  • Natural doesn’t always Translate to Effective

When discussing natural solutions to mosquito problems, a lot of people may confuse such to mean effective solutions.

Although there are effective natural solutions to mosquito issues, there are also those that do little to solve the problem.

Natural Mosquito Predators

There are quite many predators known to eat mosquitoes.

These include bats, spiders, fish, birds, dragonflies, and turtles.

Other predators include tadpoles & frogs, predator mosquitoes, as well as damselflies.

Some people take advantage of the predatory nature of these creatures by introducing them into their surroundings.

With this said, let’s take an individual look at the different mosquito predators mentioned.

  • Mosquito-Eating Bats 

Bats are flying mammals known to prey on a variety of insects. Among these are mosquitoes. While this is the case, bats tend to eat more other insects than mosquitoes.

So, will their predatory behavior help reduce mosquito populations within an area? It will! However, you shouldn’t expect total elimination.

Bats and other mosquito-eating creatures do an excellent job of keeping mosquito populations down. Despite this reality, people might experience mosquito bites in the evenings when while resting outdoors.

This clearly shows you shouldn’t rely on bats for your pest control needs.

  • Spiders

Spiders are mostly known to be predatory creatures. Most of these arachnids spin webs that help trap prey. Once prey lands on such webs, the vibrations caused alert spiders to sting them with venom that paralyzes them.

Like most flying insects, mosquitoes wander into spider territory.

Spiders spring into action to feed on such mosquitoes.

So, does this mean it’s a great idea to have spiders around? Not really. The webs spun by these creature leaves a mess around homes.

Most people will rather not deal with spiders. Nevertheless, it doesn’t change the fact that they’re mosquito-eaters.

  • Fish That Eat Mosquitoes

This may be confusing for a lot of readers as they may wonder how to fish prey on mosquitoes. If mosquitoes fly, it will be difficult for fish to reach them right?

Such reasoning is right. However, you need to consider the fact that mosquitoes lay their eggs in water which hatch into larvae.

Now, this is the target for fish. Fish such as the bluegill, goldfish, catfish, bass, and guppies readily prey on mosquito larvae. Because the larvae are in the water, they become easy targets for these fish.

This is the reasoning behind fish feeding on mosquitoes. Like it is with other predators, the reliance on fish for mosquito control won’t be a wise approach.

  • Birds That Feed On Mosquitoes

Birds are included among mosquito predators. Several bird species are known to target insects including mosquitoes for a quick meal.

The advantage of birds over fish is that they feed on both adult mosquitoes as well as their larvae. Certain bird species will hover above water while they devour mosquito larvae.

Examples of birds that feed on mosquitoes include migratory songbirds, purple martins, waterfowl, and swallows. As always, don’t expect these birds to solve your mosquito problems.

You’ll need to adopt effective control strategies to keep your home free.

  • Do Dragonflies Eat Mosquitoes?

Ever heard of mosquito hawks? That is another name for dragonflies. Like mosquitoes, dragonflies have an aquatic stage where larvae emerge from eggs laid in water.

The benefit is here is that dragonfly larvae prey on mosquito larvae. This extends to fully developed or adult dragonflies.

Such dragonflies also prey on flying mosquitoes.

Despite the feeding behavior of dragonflies on mosquitoes, such isn’t considered enough to make a noticeable impact on mosquito populations.

  • Turtles

Turtles are aquatic creatures that also have a huge appetite for mosquitoes. Here adult mosquitoes aren’t the target as they don’t live in water.

Rather, their developing larvae are targeted. Turtles will always interrupt larval development as long as they find them. This is a good thing as you don’t have to deal with a mosquito problem.

The red-eared slider turtle is most notorious for eating larval-stage mosquitoes. If you’re thinking about introducing turtles to your home ponds or pools, such might be a great idea.

  • Tadpoles & Frogs

Ordinarily, tadpoles and frogs don’t go out of their way to feed on mosquitoes.

Instead, they feed on these pests mistakenly. As tadpoles seek food particles lying on the water surface, they end up eating such larvae.

  • Predatory Mosquitoes

Certain mosquito species prey on other mosquitoes.

Luckily, adult predatory mosquitoes do not transmit diseases. Asides from preying on other mosquitoes, their larvae also target other mosquito larvae.

This is a plus for the environment and the health of humans.

  • Damselflies

Damselflies are among mosquito-eating creatures you’ll find.

Their most effective predatory stage is at the larval stage. At this level of development, mosquito larvae are targeted and eaten.

This is a great way to prevent mosquitoes from fully developing and causing health problems.

All the above-mentioned creatures are mosquito predators. Not only do some eat flying mosquitoes, but they also target these pests at their larval stage.

However, one thing that’s common with such natural predation is the fact that it cannot be relied upon to eliminate mosquito populations.

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