is an online resource setup to provide guides relating to pest identification, pest prevention and pest extermination. Just like there are many false strategies on pest control shared on the worldwide web, there are lots of misconception around how a pest can be prevented or gotten rid of.

Are you being troubled by pests in your home, kitchen, office, backyard or attic? Do you want to know the most effective and affordable pest control products in the market today and where you can buy them?

Our guides offer clear explanations that are backed with facts and figures, thorougly-researched and tested in real life situations. We also have required industry experience to offer DIY advice towards solving pest related problems. These guides are a combination of personal experiences and extensive research from other home owners who have successful solved pest infestation problems.

Is this your first time facing pest problems? Has this been happening over and over again? The information in our guide will help you get rid of pests forever. Please don’t forget to send us testimonies of your success at combatting pest problem using our tips.

Our reason for setting up is to ensure that there is a central resource for practical information on ‘how to get rid of pest’ guides on different classes of pest ranging from rodents, to birds, to insects. Instead of having to glean information from different websites and getting confused about which strategy works and which doesn’t, VerminKill¬†offers a central resource containing tested and proven ‘how to guides’ on getting rid of pests.

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Oluwasegun (DVM, MPVM) is a public health veterinarian with years of experience in pest extermination. He provides pest solution services for homes, livestock farms and pet homes. VerminKill is his dream project where he shares valuable information on pest identification, inspection and removal.

Oluwasegun Abe holds a DVM and an MPVM degree from the University of Ibadan.