Here is a compilation of steps on how to get rid of sugar ants. Find out tips to control these insects from home.

This species of ants are attracted to all sweet things including sugar, which explains the reason they are named, Sugar Ants.

Finding one or two of these ants isn’t reason enough to get rid of them. Most people will seek urgent ant control solutions when an infestation is full-blown.

However, this doesn’t stop you from taking early action controlling sugar ants. Taking steps against little problems help keep insect problems in check.

No matter how difficult your sugar ant problem is, there’s a solution right here for you.

Are Sugar Ants Dangerous?

There’s little information if at all there are about dangers posed by sugar ants. Though they aren’t known to pose any danger, they may bite. But their bites aren’t known to cause any health problems.

However, there might be irritations or adverse reactions to their bites in isolated cases. Other than that, sugar ants won’t pose significant risks.

These insects travel in large groups. This includes scouts who map out food sources with their pheromones. Several actions can be taken to cause them to retreat.

Damage Caused by Sugar Ants

The entire activities of sugar ants are focused around food.

While this may seem harmless, it can make your home messy. When a food source is indoors, they flock in their numbers. This results in the transfer of all sorts of things like dirt and bacteria.

But are they taking these out? Well, not exactly. While this may seem so, you are likely to find this dirt and bacteria on shelves, in-room corners and in other areas within your home.

This situation can be challenging especially when you have a full-blown infestation. You will need to take back control of your home for lasting relief.

This guide contains enough sugar ant extermination methods you’ll need to achieve this as you’d find out shortly.

Early Detection is Necessary

To get rid of sugar ants, you need to detect the problem early enough. This will require paying attention when cleaning your home. Sugar ants will always be seen around food sources. Your kitchen, store and dining areas are the most likely spots to find them. Although you may not see the entire colony, you’d find a few scouts busy mapping out food sources. These should be your focus. They release pheromones which will linger until the others arrive.

Your best bet is to avoid the problem by cleaning such areas. This eliminates such scents and keeps them away. Early detection plays a crucial role in controlling their activities.

How to Get Rid of Sugar Ants in the Home

All hope isn’t lost if you are discovering a sugar ant problem too late. This section focuses on home remedies to get rid of sugar ants.

You will find the best ways to handle a difficult sugar ant problem. Plus, keeping them out after taking charge. In other words, preventive measures will be included.

  • Sweep and Mop your Kitchen Floors

Your kitchen is the ground zero of sugar ant activity. This is because it is rich in food sources.

While it may not be too evident, even the tiniest food crumbs and sugar is reason enough for their presence. A great way to keep them at bay is by sweeping and mopping your kitchen floors.

This should be done after meals or each morning.

This activity may seem too insignificant, but it does a lot of good. Pheromones released are cleaned up, while visiting sugar ants are left wondering about. They eventually have to fall back due to the absence of food or sugar.

For best results, add some bleach to your mopping water. Apart from its disinfectant properties, it absorbs pheromone smells and helps freshen the air.

Sugar ants are most active in the summertime. This is when your efforts should be doubled.

  • Traps

A variety of ant traps have been designed for home use. These are effective on all ant types, including sugar ants. They only need to be placed along paths frequented by such ants.

To make them even more appealing, these traps come with poisoned baits. The baits contain sweeteners that are loved by sugar ants. They poison slowly upon ingestion.

But you need to be careful. This is because you may end up poisoning your kids in the process. Such traps will need to be kept away from them. It’s a well-known fact that kids love sugary substances.

  • Using Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth

This substance is made of fossilized algae.

It works perfectly on sugar ants by cutting their bodies. This leads to death by desiccation. It is also safe around kids and pets as well as being environmentally friendly.

Diatomaceous earth can be bought in local stores and requires no technical know-how. You only need to find a sugar ant colony and apply it to them.

But this doesn’t have to be applied directly to them. You can sprinkle this along paths or cracks used by sugar ants. This can be left for as long as you want.

When the purpose is achieved, a vacuum machine can be used to clean up the areas.

  • A mixture of Mint Jelly and Boric Acid

The boric killer will give you an edge in your fight against sugar ants.

These are readily available products you’d find in stores around you. If you still can find them, you may want to consider the online purchase option.

So, how is this mixture made? You need 8 to 9 ounces of mint jelly in a bowl. Two tablespoons of boric acid should be added to the mint jelly and mixed. That’s it! You’ve just cooked the perfect bait!

This should be placed on masking tape for sugar ants to feast on. This is very effective because it’s slow acting. This means it takes its toll on them slowly.

They can get back to their colonies and mix with the others, thereby infecting or contaminating the rest with the poison.

The result? Sugar ant death on a massive scale.

  • Flood Sugar Ant Nest

Have you been lucky to spot the nest? Finding their nest is important.

If you have, you can use water treatment. By this, we mean flooding their nests with water. You can either use hot or cold water. It’s entirely up to you.

To make it even more effective, consider adding some dish soap to the water. This helps kill them faster.

Continue flooding for at least 5 minutes. This should either kill off all of the colony or a greater part of it. But this method can’t be applied when the nesting area is indoors. It may end up creating a mess.

In such situations, consider using other control methods.

  • Remove All Food Attractions

So, apart from keeping your home clean, sugar ants will be attracted to pet food.

Removing the food source doesn’t stop ants from finding it right? Well, there’s a way around it. Get a shallow dish and fill it with water. The plate containing your pet food should then be placed inside the water-filled shallow dish.

Sugar ants will drown while trying to reach the pet food. This is a creative way to eliminate and keep food sources out of the reach of sugar ants.

The water you use should be clean enough. This is necessary in case your pet decides to drink from it. So it doesn’t take in contaminated water.

Drowned sugar ants won’t pose any harm to pets when swallowed. Plus, it’s unlikely pets will ingest them.

  • Wash Dishes and Sinks

Consider doing the dishes after each laundry. This helps keep sugar ants at bay.

Other types of pests like roaches and rodents are discouraged from hanging around. Water should be released after the laundry and the sink properly cleaned.

Sugar ants don’t seek for food alone. They also are in search of water. Deny them this attraction by keeping your sink and drainage free of stagnant water.

Are you interested in getting rid of sugar ants without chemicals? This is one good option you should consider.

  • Lemon

Sugar ants hate the smell of lemons. This can be used to get rid of them. You can begin by finding all the entry points.

Lemon should then be rubbed along such entrances. These may include window sills, cracks and door thresholds. It repels them off easily!

Lemon peels can also be placed around entrances. This achieves the same effect on them.

  • Essential Oil Spray

Essential oils are powerful against several types of pests. Including sugar ants. You need to make a mixture of any of these with water and sprayed along sugar ant paths.

Some of the oils to use include clove oil, vinegar, and lavender.

These have strong scents, in addition to their toxic properties to sugar ants. They help mask pheromone scents, thereby confusing their path to food sources (you have to remove such food sources).

Essential oil spray should be applied as often as needed until the situation improves.

While these give off scents that are disliked by sugar ants, such scents help freshen your home.

  • Cayenne Pepper

Sugar ants will rather stay away from cayenne pepper.

This should be applied or sprinkled along paths most frequented by them. It disorients them and makes them avoid your home. This can be applied as a barrier stopping them from crossing into your home.

But care must be exercised. Cayenne pepper is best used where no pets or kids are moving about. You may end up hurting your darlings.

Are there ways to get rid of sugar ants naturally or otherwise that we have not mentioned? Share using the comment section below.