What Are Bats Afraid Of?

What are bats scared of? This article looks at these wild mammals and discusses things that scare them. If you find bats fascinating, you’ll enjoy this discussion. What Are Bats Scared Of? One of the many things you’ve heard about bats that may have stuck with you is claiming that these creatures have specific phobias. … Read more

Why Do Bats Keep Coming In My House?

Why do bats come into the house? Bats seldom come into homes or hang around human dwellings unless there’s a clear attraction. Some people have recurrent bat problems which can be very frustrating. First off, these flying mammals aren’t likable. Bats look scary. Any homeowner will want to know why they’re continuously having or dealing … Read more

How To Attract Bats To Your Yard And Bat House

In this article, I’ll be giving you tips on how to attract bats to a bat house and to lure them to your yard. At the mention of bats, most people will freak out, thanks to the thought of all the vampire flicks they’ve seen growing up. Luckily, bats aren’t as bad as the movies … Read more

Can You Have A Bat As A Pet?

Can you keep a bat as a pet? This question will sound weird to a lot of people due to the common perception of bats as being scary. This bad reputation has been consistent with the majority of people over many centuries. However, not everyone perceives bats in a bad light. Can Bats Be Pets? … Read more

4 Things That Bats Eat & Their Feeding Behavior

Irrespective of the species, most bats have the same feeding behavior hence the generalization regarding what they eat. So, what do bats eat? Let’s take a look. What Foods Do Bats Eat? Bats are well-known flying mammals that are mostly nocturnal. These creatures can be found in just about all types of habitats ranging from … Read more

How Much Does A Bat Exterminator Cost?

How much does an exterminator cost for bats? Here are the standard prices involved in bat removal. For most people, bat presence can be tolerated to a certain degree. However, when they get too close for comfort, you’ll need to repel them or hire the services of an exterminator to get rid of them. It’s … Read more

Does One Bat In The House Mean More?

Is there usually more than one bat? Does one bat in the house mean more? We will be discussing these issues in this article. Often, people freak out to find bats in and around their homes. While most people will tolerate having bats around their homes and even keeping them as pets, finding them indoors … Read more

Bat Repellent – Best Natural Sprays & Sound Devices

Bat repellents give you control over your surroundings. You’re able to take back control of your space by keeping these birds away. For most people, bats are unwelcome birds they’ll rather avoid having any dealings with. If you’re having a bat problem, you’ll need to find urgent solutions to the problem. Bats And Human Health … Read more

How To Get Rid Of Bats Outside Your House

Are you looking for the best way to get rid of bats? For most people, these pests are largely unwanted due to their activities as well as their potential to spread diseases. Bats can get too close for comfort as you may find them in your attic, swarming around your home, getting stuck indoors, odor … Read more