List Of Contact Insecticides – 27 Chemicals For Control

Contact insecticides are chemical products that are destructive, harmful, or deadly to a specific insect once they are absorbed via contact. These pesticides may be inorganic, organic, or just natural insecticides that leave a poisonous residue behind. Contact Insecticide Types Popular products incorporate mostly Aerosols and Foggers. They can be distinguished through toxicological activity, method … Read more

Bifenthrin Vs Permethrin – Application & Safety Issues

These two products; bifenthrin and permethrin are commonly associated with pest control. They’re both chemical compounds which have proven useful in the handling of a variety of pest issues. Although these are effective in pest control, this article seeks to identify clear differences between the two. Bifenthrin Vs Permethrin: Similarities And Differences The similarities between … Read more

How Does Ortho Home Defense Work?

Here, we’re going to show you everything you need to know about how Ortho Home Defense works. Ortho Home Defense is one of the foremost pest control treatments that’s loved by both homeowners and exterminators alike. Due to increasing popularity, questions have been raised about its basic functionality. In other words, how does it work? … Read more