7 Common Plants That Repel Termites

Are there plants that repel termites? Yes. Here are some species that deter them effectively. Some of the most destructive pests you’ll ever encounter are termites. These can cause severe havoc to your property as they feed on just about anything. Now, getting rid of termites can become a nightmare for many especially when faced … Read more

Do Termites Eat Cedar, Redwood And Treated Wood?

In this article, we’ll find out if termites eat cedar, redwood, or treated wood. Termite presence in homes is a disaster waiting to happen. These destructive insects can remain unnoticed for extended periods of time till significant damage is caused. If you’re lucky enough to identify their presence before significant damage is caused, it will … Read more

Termite Injection Treatment for Wood and Grounds

Termite injection treatment is one of the oldest methods of treating termites. It involves the injection of insecticides into holes in dry woods or on the ground infested by termites. In this article, we will discuss how this practice is done and how you can completely wipe out termite colonies through it. Termites cause lots … Read more

How To Treat Wood For Termites

How do you treat wood for termites? In this guide, we will discuss the features of termite-treated wood and the best termiticides to protect wooden structures in your home. Termites take great pleasure in destroying woods. According to the United States Department of Agriculture, termites destroy over 600,000 homes in the US every year. The … Read more

Termite Insurance, Coverage Plans And Bonds

Keep reading, in this article, I’ll be discussing termite insurance, coverage plans, and bonds. Termites cause about 5 billion dollars in property damage yearly. If you live in a city at a high risk of termite infestation, then you should put sound termite prevention strategies in place, and you should also inquire about termite insurance. … Read more

Termite Prevention Methods – 10 Options To Limit Infestation

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Termite Proofing – Types, Properties & Materials

Termites, if left uncontrolled, will damage property worth thousands of dollars around the home. All across America, termites destroy property worth billions of dollars every year. For this reason, many home builders have taken up the culture of termite proofing as the home is being constructed. What Is Termite Proofing? Termite proofing is the treatment … Read more