If you’ve had aquariums for a significant amount of time, you’ll know that snail problem sometimes develop. Here, we’re referring to snail infestation.

Before we proceed any further, it’s important to point out that snails aren’t entirely bad for aquariums.

Snail Traps For Aquariums

Some of these mollusk species are actually beneficial to aquariums as they help out with cleaning.

Yet, others are a joy to watch. However, there are times when an explosion in the snail population requires taking necessary measures.  You want to cut down on or limit their population.

About Pest Snails & Aquariums

Snails are detritivores (feed on dead organic material). While their feeding behavior can be considered beneficial; their presence can sometimes become problematic due to their prolific breeding rate.

At this point, such snails are viewed as pests.

Snail varieties you should consider excluding from your aquarium include the garden snail, giant African snail, red-trimmed Melania, pomacea, white garden snail, slugs, theba, clear, and several others.

These snail species are likely going to overrun your aquarium.

  • Aquarium Snail Trap Uses

Control measures for snails include cutting down on their population.

This is the point where you’ll need an aquarium snail trap. This specially designed tool is used to capture unwanted snails from an aquarium.

The snail trap is also used for removing unwanted crayfish and prawns.

Food is used as bait to attract snails from where they become trapped once they’re in. Now, there are several varieties of aquarium snail traps.

You’ll have to find one that offers the most value for money spent.

Benefits of An Aquarium Snail Trap

These snail traps are mostly chemical-free.

This means translates to being environmentally safe and poses no harm to the bad snails being removed. Some traps can be used to catch other aquatic creatures like crabs and shrimps.

Well-designed aquarium snail traps are easy to use. You’ll only need to fill the traps with bait before selecting the height to insert. Fish unintentionally trapped aren’t starved of oxygen as there’s water supply.

More importantly, these traps help with the easy removal of snails from an aquarium.

Types Of Aquarium Snail Traps

When it comes to making a choice, there are lots of snail trap brands to choose from.

Although these traps come in varying designs, they’re all built to achieve the same objective; trap snails!

Some popular brands include Balacoo, JBL, Joom, and LimCollect, etc.

  • Balacoo

This aquarium snail catcher is designed from a plastic material known to be environmentally safe. It’s easy to assemble and comes with a vented design that lets out air to allow the trap to sink to the bottom. It has a clear design.

The Balacoo snail trap weighs about 50 grams.

  • JBL

The JBL Snail Trap is yet another brand that’s chemical-free and comes with guaranteed quality.

It requires bait and can be used in both salt and fresh water conditions. With JBL Snail Trap, you also get the added benefit or utility of catching house crickets among other pests.

All you have to do is set it in place and leave it overnight. By morning, you should have a good number of trapped snails. Depending on the level of infestation, you can use multiple JBL traps to get the job done.

  • Joom

Joom’s Plastic Clear Snail Trap is similar in design to Balacoo’s snail trap.

These function pretty much the same way. With this handy device, you’re able to lure snails and have them trapped without the need for chemicals.

This aquarium snail trap comes with air holes that let out air to help the trap sink to the bottom of the aquarium.

  • LimCollect

This is another aquarium snail trap from JBL that’s also chemical-free.

Asides from snails, this trap also helps catch shrimps and crabs. It’s easy to use and comes with adjustable settings for height limits. Fish accidentally caught aren’t in danger of oxygen depletion due to water presence.

When To Use An Aquarium Snail Trap

It isn’t difficult to notice a surge in the snail population within your aquarium. Ordinarily, a few snails should suffice, but when there’s a sudden and alarming rise of these mollusks, it’s a clear sign to act.

Having reduced the snail population, it’s necessary to have an understanding of why such an increase in population occurred. You’ll have to look at your frequency of feeding and cleaning.

  • Regulate Feeding and Clean More Frequently

One easy explanation for a rise in the snail population within your aquarium is the excess supply of food.

With more food come more feeding. More feeding translates to increased reproduction and development. This also gives rise to increased waste.

Both increased food supply and waste generation are ideal for snail growth and development. You’ll have to regulate such a situation by cutting down on feeding.

In other words, you’ll need to feed snails less often while also taking out or cleaning any food left uneaten.

Consider Introducing Predators

If you want a more natural approach to snail control, using an aquarium snail trap won’t be that necessary. You only need to introduce predators also known as assassin snails.

It’s important to note that your snail trap can still be used in conjunction with these predators if you so wish.

So, how do these predators work? They go by the name Clea Helena and actually do assassinate other snail species, thus maintaining the snail balance in your aquarium.

  • Never Introduce a Snail-Eating Fish Species

You mustn’t introduce a snail-eating fish species into the mix. Such predators can indeed help get rid of snails but your setup may not be suitable for their growth as some can grow quite large.

A Single Snail Can Cause Issues

Sometimes, the origin of snail infestation may arise from a single snail. This is because these creatures can actually reproduce without a mate.

So, you’ll need to be on the alert for any rise in the snail population.

The adoption of preventive measures such as keeping out other snails can be the difference between an infestation and maintaining the right balance.

An aquarium snail trap serves the need for snail control. Snail populations need to be cut down significantly especially in situations where there’s a prolific increase in population.

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