Ever heard of bat bugs? Well, this article will compare bed bugs vs bat bugs.

Bed bugs seem to be the most popular and dangerous type of parasitic insect due to the discomfort caused to humans. The name bat bugs give an idea about where these bugs come from or their preferred hosts.

Bat Bugs Vs Bed Bugs

This article takes a look at the differences as well as similarities between these bug types.

Being two different species, we’ll find out if bat bugs also feed on human blood like bed bugs. Also, the physical features of both species will be compared with habitats, size, and region being looked at.

If you’re confused about differentiating between the two, this article will offer all the help you need.

Similarities Between Bed Bugs and Bat Bugs

We begin by taking a look at the similarities between bed bugs and bat bugs. Bed bugs are well known due to the sheer spread of these parasites across all regions of the United States and beyond.

When it comes to similarities, there are only a few.

These bugs all feed on blood, as well as have an oval shape.

  • Both Bed Bugs and Bat Bugs Feed on Blood

One thing bed bugs are well known for is their feeding behavior. Human hosts tend to be their favorite. The Cimex lectularius species is the most notorious when it comes to feeding on human blood.

Although bat bugs also feed on blood, they tend to have a preference for blood from bats.

However, bat bugs won’t hesitate to target human hosts when abandoned by their preferred hosts around human dwellings. So, why is blood so important? The same reason why food is important to you!

Both of these bugs get their nutrition from blood. Plus, to produce viable eggs, there must be blood to feed on.

  • Similarity in Shape

The only physical features both bed bugs and bat bugs have in common is their shape.

Both of these bugs are oval-shaped. Now, this might sound confusing if your goal is to identify or tell apart from one type from the other.

You only need to read on for clear distinguishing features between the two.

Differences Between Bed Bugs and Bat Bugs

This is the main focus of our discussion.

How do bed bugs differ from bat bugs? There are several things to look out for.

Such distinguishing features are clearly seen in the color, their spread across different locations, host preferences as well as physical features (microscopic).

Also important to understanding the differences between these bug species are their preferred habitats as well as control methods used for each.

Let’s have a look at each of these key distinguishing factors for more clarity.

  • Color

To easily distinguish bed bugs from bat bugs, you’ll need to look at their physical appearance in terms of coloration. Bed bugs usually have a color that varies from red-brown to mahogany.

On the other hand, bat bugs have a dark brown to beige appearance.

Knowing these color changes is crucial to proper identification. You might want to use a magnifying glass for better and easier observation of these colors.

If these colors aren’t clear enough, you might want to look at the other distinguishing features.

  • Spread Across Geographical Territories

One of the factors that stand both bed bugs and bat bugs out is their spread across geographical areas. Bed bugs can be found in pretty much every location across the world.

As long as there are humans, bed bugs are likely to be present. However, the same cannot be said for bat bugs.

Bat bugs are most common within the Midwest region and nowhere else. So, if you live within the Midwest, you’ll tend to be more critical in distinguishing the bug type.

The opposite is true for areas outside the Midwest. In terms of location, bug problems outside the Midwest are more likely to be tied or linked to bed bugs.

  • Host Preferences

The name says it all.

Host preference is one other key factor for distinguishing bed bugs from bat bugs. Bed bugs are known to be more common around human dwellings.

While this is true, bat bugs can sometimes be found around human dwellings too. However, bed bugs tend to prefer human hosts compared to bat bugs.

In simple terms, bed bugs prefer human blood while bat bugs prefer bat blood. Now, there are cases where bat bugs have been found to bite human hosts.

This is possible and happens when bat bugs are abandoned by their preferred hosts.

Bats might sometimes nest around your home. When dislodged or repelled, treatments might not consider these bugs.

As such, bat bugs will readily feed on human blood whenever they can.

  • Physical Features

Another physical distinguishing factor that sets bed bugs apart from bat bugs is the longer bodily hair on bat bugs.

However, this isn’t readily distinguishable with naked eyes. You’ll need a microscope to clearly see such differences.

  • Preferred Habitats

Bed bugs are distinguishable from bat bugs from their preferred habitat.

Beds bugs mostly live or stay close to human hosts. During infestations, you’re likely to find them in furniture, mattresses, and headboards.

Bed areas are usually hotspots for bed bug activity hence the name bed bugs.

These nocturnal parasites leave their hideouts at night to feed on humans while they rest or sleep. Of course, they need to be as close as possible to the host while resting. Unlike bed bugs, bat bugs stick to their bat hosts.

However, they may wander off to humans when abandoned.

  • Control Methods for Each

The same control methods do not apply to both types of bugs.

For bed bugs, extensive treatment of the infested area is required. This is best performed by a skilled and licensed technician or professional.

On the other hand, bat bugs will have to be controlled by excluding bats from human dwellings. Also, the affected or nesting area will have to be treated and disinfected.

Do Bat Bugs Spread Diseases?

As mentioned earlier, bat bugs will sometimes feed on human hosts when their preferred host isn’t available.

Unlike bed bugs, diseases aren’t spread to humans by their bites. Nevertheless, certain individuals may experience anxiety, insomnia, and panic.

These are the key differences between bed bugs and bat bugs. We started with the two similarities between them before getting into the differences.

Now you know how to distinguish between the two.

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