How Much Does It Cost to Spray for Roaches?

How much does it cost to have an exterminator spray for roaches? Find out.

Cockroaches (roaches) are among the most disliked domestic pests in the world. This is because these pests are carriers of diseases and can easily spread these diseases to humans.

How much is it to spray for roaches? This is the focus of this article, and information regarding this will be provided as you read on.

Some common diseases spread by roaches include Dysentery, Leprosy, Giardia, Typhoid Fever, Campylobacteriosis, Gastroenteritis, and Salmonellosis.

These are harmful health conditions which are easily contracted when foods exposed to roaches are consumed by humans. In addition to the above, these are unsightly, and therefore require total elimination.

Why You Need Professional Pest Control Services for Roaches

It must be stated here that roaches are prolific pest which produce at an alarming rate. Applying over the counter cockroach treatments are not enough as they only provide a temporary solution, or even delay infestation.

For long lasting and satisfactory results, you require the services of professional pest control companies who are backed by years of experience and give you the much needed guarantee. Most of these companies have a documented breeding behavior which are applied to providing the most effective treatments for German roaches and other species.

Over the counter sprays for bed bugs and roaches are not ruled out as ineffective, however, to have a lasting and thorough extermination work, you may want to consider using the services of professionals. Another advantage of using the services of professional pest control services is that proper application of treatment is used.

Most of these are environmentally friendly and do not cause health problems.

Cost of Roach Spray

There are lots of cockroach sprays which can be purchased over the counter and starts from $5.00. However, there are those which are used by professional pest control services in exterminating roaches.

The advantage of this option is that it provides an added layer of safety as most of these are made to ensure they are not harmful to humans, pets and the environment. Depending on the level of infestation and also on the size of your house or property, the cost ranges from $50 to $500.

Another factor that contributes to the difference in pricing is your choice of a pest control service, as cost of their services differs from company to company.

Common Over the Counter Roach Sprays

For persons not interested in seeking the services of pest control services, there are ready-made sprays which are effective in exterminating roaches.

Some of these include Bengal Gold Roach Spray which is odorless and dry propellant which flushes roaches out of their hideouts and also effectively breaks their lifecycles, ensuring they do not reproduce. This prevents a re-occurrence of infestation for up to 6 months! The Bengal Gold Roach Spray goes for $34.99.

Another effective spray for roaches is Ortho Home Defence Insect Killer with a price tag of $14.49. This provides up to 12 months of protection for your home, and can be used for both indoor and outdoor purposes. Hot Shot Ant and Roach and Germ Killer plus Germ killer goes for a price of $23.18.

An advantage of using this roach spray is that it not only kills off roaches effectively, but also eliminates any germs they leave behind. EcoSMART and roach killer goes for $25.37 and environmentally safe for use at home, as it is also safe around infants as well as pets. Another effective roach spray is the Combat Ant and Roach Killer is a foam spray which kills roaches by contact.

An advantage of using the Combat Ant and Roach Killer is its ability to enter into areas which roaches hide. Its efficacy lasts a 10 month period and does not stain when dried. These are some of the very effective over-the-counter roach sprayed which can be used in place of pest control services. These roach sprays have directions for use on their containers which need to be read in order to achieve best results.

How Roach Sprays Work

Roaches like other insects have exoskeletons which have a lot of pores on the surface used for breathing.

The chemicals contained in roach sprays deliver a deadly poison to the nervous system which weakens it. This is more potent when a suitable chemical is used, and takes a lesser amount of time to kill them off. A lot of roach exterminators are in the form of sprays. This makes it readily available for use, as it can be easily accessible.

Also pest control services also use sprays in most of their roach extermination jobs.

The nature of the exoskeleton of roaches has made the use of sprays one of the best options for exterminating them, as it is easily absorbed into the pores, and therefore poisoning them.

If you are interested in seeking the expert help of pest control services to do the job, then you do not need to worry on directions for application. They investigate the infestation problem and apply the spray professionally.

On the other hand, if you want to do this yourself, then you can read through the directions for use found on the sprays purchased over the counter.

In this article, we have adequately answered the question “how much does it cost to spray for roaches?” We have found that the cost may differ with the pest control service used.

For over the counter roach sprays, these have a fixed rate but differ according to brand.

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