Are you searching for the best deer fly trap and baits to buy? Do you want to learn how to use them to kill deer flies at home or anywhere else you have the need?

We have the answers here. This article will find the most effective deer baits and traps to manage deer flies around your home.

You will also discover how to make them at home yourself if you don’t want to go for the commercial deer fly baits and traps. Keep reading.

Apart from being a nuisance around the house, deer flies have serious health concerns.

The female deer fly feeds on human blood and can transmit “rabbit fever,” a rare bacterial disease. The female deer fly feeds on human blood and can transmit “rabbit fever,” a rare bacterial infection.

Though this disease can be treated over-the-counter with antibiotics, it can be fatal without treatment.

Deer flies are also known to cause allergies. Their bites can be very painful. It often causes red bumps, welts, or itching on the skin. Since deer flies are attracted to water, houses with swimming pools or near swamps, lakes, etc., are often where to find them.

Since they are mostly outdoors and very sensitive creatures, spraying them with insecticides is not the best way to eradicate them from your yard.

If you want to see them completely gone, you will have to use deer fly traps and baits.

Do Deer Fly Traps And Baits Work?

Yes, they do. Of all the pest control methods, this is the most effective way of eradicating deer flies from your home. Deer fly baits can catch both the male and the female deer fly. It doesn’t take time for anyone caught to die.

Once the deer fly traps are correctly positioned, they can catch up to 25,000 deer flies if you have up to that number around your house. Especially the commercial types.

The homemade deer fly traps and baits are also effective in eliminating pests. Though not to be compared to the commercial types. You can prepare them and use them to eradicate deer flies from your yard.

How Deer Fly Traps Work

As we have mentioned before, deer fly baits and traps are among the most effective methods of killing pests. Several reviews from customers who have used the products support this claim.

The traps are usually hung from a tree or poll within the yard, 4 to 6 feet from the ground, using a rope or a hook (e.g., shepherd hook). They often come with a very sticky coating that is attractive to deer flies.

Once hung outdoors, deer flies are immediately attracted to the bait. As many as perches on it get glued. They will remain there till they die. Usually, it doesn’t take long for that death to happen.

That is how most deer fly traps and baits work. They attract glue and kill many deer flies in less than 48 hours.

The good thing about most deer fly baits and traps is that they are made from weather-resisting materials. That means they can last quite a long time after being hung outdoors.

Factors to Consider in Choosing the Best Deer Fly Traps And Baits

There are many factors to consider when it comes to choosing the best deer fly baits and traps to buy. Some of those factors are listed below.

  1. User Reviews

Honest customer reviews are a significant factor in buying a deer fly trap or bait.

By honest customer reviews here, I mean what people who have used the products say. Not just the paid reviews you can easily find on the internet.

A perfect place to get the kind of customer reviews I’m talking about is on Amazon and other online shopping malls. Another place to get it is on different social media platforms.

That is where you get to meet real people that have used the deer fly traps and discover what they are saying about them.

  1. Price

Most deer fly traps are costly. But that doesn’t mean you can’t find something affordable online and offline.

Most of them you will find will probably cost between $10 and $20. A few will cost less or even more than that.

You will have to take your time and research to find what matches your budget. Bear in mind that the price (whether high or low) is not always a guarantee that a deer fly bait will work.

Neither is it proof that it won’t.

  1. Type

What type of deer fly trap do you intend to buy? The one usually needs to be filled to a level with water or that doesn’t use water. The type uses only a sticky substance to attract and trap deer flies.

Deciding on the type will help you get the perfect one quickly, whether online or offline.

Best Deer Fly Traps And Baits To Buy

Here’s a list of the best deer fly traps and baits that genuinely work. You can buy any of them and use them to capture and kill those deer flies around your home.

  • THE BUG BALL – Yellow Fly Trap, Horse Fly Trap, Deer Fly Trap

This product comes with three 18-inch black PVC balls, a suction cup kit, etc. Setting it up is very easy to do and doesn’t take much time. Once you have set it, the trap will attract deer flies as soon as possible. The bug ball doesn’t require any insecticide. Once deer fly perch on it, they will get glued and remain there till they die.

According to customer reviews, a bug ball is one of the best ways to eliminate deer flies at home or any other place.

  • Rescue Outdoor Non-Toxic Disposable Big Bag Fly Trap

This is one of the traps known to catch deer flies and other kinds of flies. You can use it in your garden or other places in your home to eliminate both the male and female deer flies.

  • Firestop 20 Pack Yellow Fly Trap

This deer fly trap comes with dual-sided sticky surfaces that catch flying insects outdoors. Especially deer flies. Once it is hung 4 to 6 feet from the ground, it will attract and killdeer flies.

Deer Fly Traps And Baits DIY

Apart from getting the commercial deer fly traps and baits, you can make one yourself and use it for deer flies control at home. This section features exactly how to do that.

What you will need for it: a plant pot or beach ball (preferably the blue and black colored type), blue paint (for the pot if the beach ball is not used), sticky material, a rod, and rope.

Building the deer fly trap yourself: how to do that.

  1. Paint the plant pot. Ensure that every part of it is covered in blue. If you don’t want to use that plant pot, you can go on with the beach ball.
  2. Apply the sticky substance all over the beach ball or plant pot.
  3. Fix the pot or beach ball on the rod. You can also hang it from a tree. Ensure the trap is 4 to 6 feet from the ground. The location where you choose to position the rod or simply turn the pot should be where you can quickly draw deer flies to it.
  4. Congratulations! Your new deer fly trap is ready! Regularly check it to see how it is performing. If everything is exactly the way it should be, the deer trap will start working almost immediately.

Safety Measures To Apply When Using a Deer Fly Trap

To stay safe when working with a deer fly trap out there, follow these instructions:

  • Always position the trap at least 20 feet from the house. Deer fly traps and baits attract deer flies to the particular spot where the traps are kept. If you position the traps too close to the home, you increase your chances of coming into contact with the insects daily. That can lead to lots of bites.
  • Do not forget to wear gloves to check the deer fly trap or dispose of it.
  • Always read the product label well and follow the instructions there carefully.

In Conclusion

Deer fly traps and baits are among the most effective ways of controlling the pests at home. In this article, we have discussed how to use the tricks and lures to eliminate deer flies at home or every other place.

Do you need to learn how to build a trap to eliminate the pests at home? You will find here the step-by-step guide on how to do just that.

I hope you find this helpful article.

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