Will Lysol kill termites? Let’s find out.

Lysol is a popular brand of cleaning and disinfecting products from the stables of Reckitt. These have been rumored to have pest extermination properties.

Although Lysol isn’t designed specifically for pest control, a lot of homeowners won’t mind taking advantage of its additional pest extermination effect.

Can Lysol Spray Kill Termites?

However, this can only be the case if it really has some form of exterminating effect. Here, we’re talking about termites. Does Lysol stand a chance with termites?

Before we proceed, it will be necessary to state that termites are among the most difficult pests to deal with. Such notoriety is gotten from their destructive activity.

Termites are Mostly Detected after Significant Damage is done

If you’ve had to deal with a termite infestation in the past, one thing you’d notice is that these pests are only discovered after considerable damage has been done. By then, their colonies are fully established and expanding.

At such an advanced stage of destruction, your best bet is to only use reliable methods that work.

Unfortunately, most DIY treatment techniques aren’t enough to fully resolve a full-blown termite infestation. What more? The termite species you have will determine the level or extent of the damage.

Formosan termites tend to be the most destructive.

To understand their destructive capability, a fully developed Formosan colony can eat up at least 400g of wood every day! This is apart from other cellulose-containing items such as fabrics, plants, dead trees, and wood fibers.

About Lysol

As earlier mentioned, Lysol is a cleaning and disinfecting product that’s used on a wide range of areas such as showers, toilet seats, sinks, refrigerator exterior, garbage cans, bathtubs, and doorknobs.

Other areas these products are used include sofas/couches, pet beds, telephones, and diaper pails.

No mention of pest control has been made. The point is this; Lysol isn’t designed for pest control purposes. It’s only meant to sanitize and clean surfaces.

So, expecting too much from this product doesn’t make much sense.

With that said, will Lysol kill termites?

Lysol and Termites

Does Lysol have any exterminating effect on termites? The truth is this; it doesn’t!

Depending on a disinfecting product that isn’t designed for a specified use to give you results in that particular area is plain senseless!

You’d only be wasting precious time performing a treatment that’s bound to fail.

Termite problems worsen with time. The longer a termite problem lasts, the more difficult it gets. Termite species like Formosan will cause significant havoc with every passing day.

So, spending time with ineffective treatments like Lysol use will only worsen the situation in the end.

Why’s Lysol thought of as a Potential Termite Killer?

With Lysol out of the way as a potential termite killer, you’d want to find out why some people think it’s a termite killer. It’s probably due to the chemical constituents making up the product.

Drenching a termite in Lysol may be enough to kill it but it doesn’t stand a chance when treating a termite colony.

By drenching a termite in Lysol, you’re effectively suffocating it.

Even at that, the termite might still survive. Its use (Lysol) on a micro-scale may be promoted as being its effect on termites during a full-blown infestation.

It’s an idea that doesn’t hold water.

Don’t Treat Termite Problems with Kid Gloves

DIY enthusiasts are likely to be tempted to try out a wide range of potential extermination treatments.

A lot of the products used may not be proven or tested as having repellent or exterminating effects. When you try out such treatments, you’re only making matters worse especially with termites.

The level of destructiveness of termites cannot be overstated. These pests will need to be stopped as soon as they’re discovered. Unfortunately, some infestation cases are only visible after significant damage has been caused.

With a full-blown infestation, you’re likely to carry out or perform costly repairs. So, apart from treating termites, additional expenses are incurred.

The use of unproven treatments like Lysol only serves to make the problem worse as they provide little to no results at all.

Only Use Lysol for its Specified Purposes

If you must use Lysol, it should only be used within the confines of its specified purposes.

In other words, no termite treatment should be performed using Lysol. You’ll get disappointed plus you’ll only waste valuable time using something that doesn’t work.

If You Must Use Perform DIY Termite Control…

For irredeemable DIY’ers, the need to personally get a task done can be enhanced by using products that actually work. With Lysol out of the way, you want to use alternatives that will offer results.

Are there any such treatments?

In place of Lysol, consider using or introducing nematodes to a termite colony. These are beneficial organisms that eat up or feed on termites.

They penetrate the colony and kill every single termite within close range. Nematodes will die off after completing the job of termite extermination.

You may also want to apply diatomaceous earth to termites. This is a treatment that dehydrates termites on contact. Boric acid is another effective treatment you can use in place of Lysol.

If you prefer spot treatment, then liquid nitrogen can be of help. There’s also heat treatment for killing termites.

Call for Professional Termite Extermination

The most reliable and proven strategy for killing termites is to pay a licensed and experienced termite exterminator to come over. Pest control services offer a wide array of solutions for all kinds of pest issues.

The level of infestation is assessed and appropriate treatment is administered.

Such treatments are backed by guaranty in the sense that they’re repeated when termite activity persists. You’ll need to ensure that only reputable companies are considered for this crucial task.

Do Not Pay Attention to Unproven Claims

Quite a lot of the claims you hear about the efficacy of Lysol as a termite killer arises from anecdotal evidence. This isn’t to say anecdotal sources are always wrong.

Instead, they’re mostly unproven or unsupported by facts on the ground.

Ditch the use of Lysol as a termite killer as it won’t do much to give you relief. You want a treatment that works.

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