In this guide, I’ll give you tips on how to make homemade bed bug spray.

Bed bugs are one of those pest insects that will ensure that you do not have a good night’s sleep. They are fast crawling insects that suck on the blood of humans as well as mammal pets.

There are many ways to rid your home of them. You could go to a pest control store and buy an insecticide spray, or you can just make one at home.

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About Bed Bugs

To make an effective homemade bed bug spray, you need to first understand the bugs, their habits, and their weaknesses.

Bed bugs thrive on the blood of humans and mammal pets. Without an adequate intake of blood, they will be dead. They prefer human blood, but if you’ve got cats or dogs around, they can suck their blood too.

Bed bugs aren’t ticks, so do not get them confused with each other. Ticks will latch on to a host, while a bed bug bites and moves on.

Bed Bug bites aren’t necessarily painful, but they can cause several forms of irritation on the skin. These include redness, blisters, and can cause the victim to itch.

They are most active at night and can be found hiding under pillows, mattresses, cushioned seats, and around your pet’s sleeping areas.

These annoying pests can make their way into your home without you even knowing it. They can hang on to your clothes, bags, or on your pets as you walk into the house. As you move from one area to the house, the more you spread them around.

You can be sure you have bed bugs in your home if you notice small patterns of blood on your mattress or pillows. Also, they leave blackish smear marks on the walls, mattresses, or on the floor.

When you notice any of these, then you know you’ve got some unwanted bugs to deal with.

These bugs are allergic to several natural scents and food. These include cinnamon, fresh mint, garlic, strong alcohol, lavender, and a host of others.

Let’s show you how to use the above-mentioned substances and make a spray that can kill or repel bed bugs.

Homemade Bed Bug Spray Recipe

There are many combinations you can try using natural foods and substances. Below are some recipes you can try.

Fresh Mint Spray

It’s hard to imagine that any living being on Earth would hate the smell of fresh mint. Humans love it, but bed bugs don’t. Good news for us, bad news for them.

The scent of fresh mint not only irritates the bugs but also affects their central nervous system.

To make a simple fresh mint spray, you will need a decent amount of mint (depending on the level of infestation), some water, and a spray bottle.

You some water into a pot and add the fresh mint into it. Boil the water (with the mint inside) until it starts to steam.

Upon doing this, you will find that the mint is completely dissolved in the booking water and your entire kitchen and other parts of your home will start smelling like mint.

The minty smell from the vapor alone will start to irritate the bugs, but that’s not where it stops! Allow the water to cool off then pour it into a spray bottle.

Take the bottle with you as you visit the areas where the bed bugs are very active and spray directly on them, and around the areas where they crawl through.

Spray under your bed and by the sides. Also, spray around the couch and sofas, don’t forget to spray around your pet’s sleeping area too.

The mint scent is something the bugs cannot bear, they will leave any area where they can perceive it and will die if they remain exposed to it, as it severely attacks their nervous system.

The mint spray for killing and repelling bed bugs is one of the easiest you can make at home. The mint smell is also known to help relieve stress in humans, so you’ll be getting rid of bed bugs and relieving yourself of stress at the same time.

Cinnamon Powder Spray

Cinnamon powder is another ingredient you can use to make a homemade bed bug spray.

Similar to fresh mint, bed bugs also hate the smell of cinnamon. Using this knowledge, you can whip up a super cinnamon spray to keep the bugs away!

Here’s what to do.

Go to a store near you and buy some cinnamon powder, that’s if you don’t have any in your kitchen already. It’s not too expensive either, so you can buy as much as you will need.

Just as you can do with fresh mint, you only need some water and a spray bottle to attack the bugs.

The powder is a substance that dissolves easily, so you will have no problem blending it nicely into water.

Pour an adequate amount of powder into a container of water and stir continuously until the powder is well blended in. Pour the mixture into a spray bottle and shake the bottle thoroughly to achieve a better mix.

Head on to the areas where the bugs hang out and spray the cinnamon powder solution all over.

The water will eventually evaporate, but the cinnamon powder will be left lodged in the areas where you have sprayed.

You can apply the powder directly to the infested areas, but using it in form of a spray will help it reach very tight areas where the bed bugs are hidden, thanks to the water mist that carries it along.

Garlic And Cayenne Pepper Spray

You could hardly find any insect that can stand the scent of garlic or the burning effects of cayenne pepper. On their own, they can kill or repel bed bugs, but together, they work faster and more effectively.

All you will need is to grind some cloves of garlic and get some cayenne pepper powder. The quantity you will use depends on the number of bed bugs you are fighting. 3 to 4 cloves of garlic and 3 tablespoons of cayenne pepper will do.

Pour some water into a pot and add the ground garlic and cayenne pepper powder to it.

Light up your burner and let the water boil with the garlic and pepper all together. Keep stirring as the solution boils to achieve the best blend.

As it boils, the smell of the garlic will start to manifest around your kitchen and other parts of your home and this will begin to irritate and weaken the bugs.

Let it boil for about 15 minutes then turn off the burner. Allow the solution to cool off just a little bit, the solution should get cold before you apply, as the heat will also help to kill the bugs.

Using a pair of kitchen mitts, pour the garlic/cayenne pepper solution into a plastic spray bottle. Visit the affected areas and spray the solution as required. The heat combined with the sulfur from the garlic and the burning seen of the cayenne pepper will drive the bed bugs away.

Alcohol/Garlic Spray

The smell of alcohol is one that bed bugs cannot stand. To make matters worse for them, you can combine it with one or two cloves of ground garlic.

All you have to do is pour some alcohol into a container and add some ground garlic to it. Stir it properly so the ground garlic is well spread.

When you’re sure it’s all blended in, pour it into a spray bottle and apply it in the infested areas.

You could also combine alcohol with cinnamon powder if you wish. Prepare the same way and spray it in affected areas.

Vinegar Spray

Unlike some of the materials mentioned above, bed bugs do not hate vinegar because of its smell, rather it is for deadlier reasons.

This acetic acid does a great job of disrupting the nervous system of the bed bugs and killing them eventually.

You can make a homemade spray using just vinegar, or you can combine it with lavender.

To make a vinegar Spray, all you will need to do is go to a shop and buy some white vinegar and a spray bottle. That’s if you don’t already have one.

Pour the vinegar into the spray bottle and add some lavender to it. Shake it thoroughly and spray into cracks and crevices, as well as every other hiding place the bed bugs may have lodged.

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Advantages Of Homemade Bed Bug Killer

Besides the fact that is easy to make, it is also a quick remedy to an urgent bed bug issue. Lastly, the materials needed are non-toxic to humans and pets.


I trust this article on how to make homemade bed bug spray has been helpful.

Follow the tips above and try different combinations. Maybe you’ll discover a new recipe.

Good luck!

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