How do you get roaches? Where do cockroaches come from in apartments?

We will be answering these questions in this guide.

A lot of times, pest issues spring up when you least expect. You might be enjoying your day or going about your daily chores when you suddenly notice roaches strolling by. This can be scary, worrisome, and frustrating.

In such circumstances, most people will want to know how these creatures came about.

Of course, every roach infestation doesn’t magically happen.

There has to be a reason, as well as an entryway. The logic here is to discover the source(s) of attraction as well as to find available entry points.

The average home has lots of entryways that can be exploited by roaches and other pests.

How Do Roaches Get In The House?

This is one factor you cannot avoid when seeking answers on how your roach problem came about. Whenever you see roaches around, they’re attracted to several things.

These are considered incentives that draw or attract them to human dwellings.

Why do roaches come inside your home?

Cockroaches are attracted to moisture, certain geographical territories, forgotten or neglected areas of a home, and the landscaping of your home. Other sources of attraction include food and accessibility.

All of these factors combined make a home more suitable for a roach infestation.

i. Moisture

Roaches are easily attracted to moisture for survival purposes.

This is why you’re likely to find them in even the cleanest of homes.

One of the ways of finding out if they’re truly drawn to moisture is by taking note of where you find them.

The most common target areas for roaches in a home include the kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, and areas with leaky pipes. Moisture dampness plus darkness attracts these bugs like magnets.

ii. Certain Geographical Areas

This might sound a bit confusing for some readers, but the truth is, roaches are attracted to certain regions than others. States in the Southeastern part of the United States tend to experience more roach issues than other parts.

Here, the American roach species is most notorious for such infestations.

iii. Forgotten or Neglected Areas of a Home

Most homes have a neglected area or section where little to no activity goes on.

These areas are usually exploited by these roaches. The forgotten areas can also be termed as weak points as they’re easily exploited by roaches for easy entry.

So, what are these areas like?

There are lots of them. The spaces around air conditioning units that don’t properly fit provide an access point for these bugs. How often do you clean your trash can(s)? This is a hotspot for roach activity in a home.

They feed on the filth within the containers.

iv. Type of Landscape around a House

Does landscape have anything to do with roach presence in and around apartments? It does! Quite a lot of things can be left or kept around a home.

These include flowerpots, gutters, standing water, piles of trash, woodpiles, compost trash, and the likes.

In a nutshell, we’re trying to say that an unkempt surrounding with lots of clutter lying around can be the launching ground from where roaches get into homes.

You’ll need to have these removed or cleared to make your surroundings a bit more hygienic.

v. Food

A strong contributory factor to roach presence in homes is food availability.

Here, food spills, food crumbs, an untidy kitchen, leftovers, and just about anything edible will attract roaches. Roaches also find wallpaper glues attractive.

They feed on these in addition to book bindings among other things.

Basically, the existing roach problem you have can be due to just about anything found to be edible by these pests. It’s not only about hygiene. Roaches will still find something that attracts them even within the cleanest of homes.

vi. Accessibility

Easy access is one of the reasons why roaches get into apartments. Although these creatures have wings, they hardly fly as they’re not excellent fliers.

As such, they’ll crawl into your home using the tiniest of openings such as gaps and cracks.

You’re likely to have roaches shipped to your home inboxes. Homes without window and door screens are accessed easily by these bugs.

What more? You may have a roach coming into your apartment through the plumbing system. Also, the space beneath your door can serve as a ready access point for roaches.

  • Through Gaps and Cracks

Gaps and cracks may be found along your home’s foundation.

Roaches will readily use these to gain entry into your home. As long as such openings remain, any measure you take to contain the problem will be futile.

You’ll have to carefully inspect your home’s foundation to have such holes sealed.

  • In Shipments

Sounds surprising right? Well, the truth is, roaches sometimes get into shipments at warehouses.

The unsuspecting homeowner will have such a package opened when it arrives without the faintest idea that a roach could be hiding.

  • Through Windows and Doors

Your windows are welcome openings for roaches to exploit. This is especially true for those without a screen.

Sometimes roaches can still maneuver their way around windows with screens. This is especially true when the screens aren’t flush with your windows.

  • Plumbing System

Multifamily apartment units have one thing in common, the plumbing systems are interconnected. Experience has shown that these types of residential dwellings are usually the worst hit when it comes to pest issues.

Bed bug problems tend to be the most difficult to deal with.

Roaches can simply take a stroll through plumbing systems from an infested room right down to your apartment. Here, there’s little you can do alone in terms of getting a lasting solution.

The whole apartment complex needs to be fumigated to have a chance of killing all roaches.

  • Space Beneath Your Door

However tiny the space beneath your door is, it can still serve as an entryway for roaches. These bugs can squeeze through in search of shelter, food, and moisture.

You may want to take the time to have all gaps sealed.

If you’ve had to deal with a recurring roach infestation, these points above are possible reasons why you do experience such. Your best bet at finding a lasting solution is by addressing these problems.

You’ll also need to pay for professional roach control.

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