How to Get Rid of Snakes Under Concrete Slab

Let’s discuss ways to get rid of snakes under concrete slabs.

Snakes are among the most dreaded reptiles due to several reasons. Most interactions between humans and these wildlife creatures haven’t been favorable.

One of the reasons for that is the venomous nature of snakes. While these slithering creatures aren’t all venomous, people would instead do without them.

Snakes found around homes aren’t new, as they come around areas with favorable conditions. While trying to eliminate them, addressing such requirements attracting these reptiles is necessary to prevent future infestations.

Removing Snakes Under Concrete Slab

When it comes to snake control, there are lots of ways to go about it.

Snakes holed up beneath your concrete slab can be removed using snake repellents and traps and addressing your rodent problem.

You can also eliminate these by fixing cracks, adding a fence, and changing certain habits.

i. Call Wildlife Control

Not everyone will find DIY techniques interesting. If you belong to this category of people, a more promising approach will be to call for professional wildlife control.

Here, experts come around and assess the problem. These professionals understand snake behavior and can safely remove the danger.

All you have to do in this situation is a point to the problem. Through the professional approach, a thorough job is done. Plus, the true extent of the problem is identified.

This tends to be a more comprehensive way to deal with an existing snake problem.

ii. Snake Repellents

The thought of having a snake under a concrete slab can be unsettling.

When the problem is confirmed, you’re left with several options, including using snake repellents. Many of these repellents are categorized under commercial and natural repellents.

Some natural snake repellents you can use include Snake-A-Way Snake Repelling Granules and Nature’s MACE Snake Repellent.

Others include Liquid Fence, Bonide Snake Stopper Granules, and Snake Scram. All of these serve the purpose of keeping snakes at bay.

The results you get by using any of these repellents are determined by how well you put the same to use. Each product comes with specific use instructions to follow.

The results are hinged on how well each of these is applied.

Natural snake repellents, on the other hand, include a wide range of items that have food ingredients, plants, and so on.

Examples include snake plant, West Indian lemongrass, garlic & onion, marigold, Indian snake rot, mugwort, tobacco, king of bitters, kaffir-limes, and clove basil.

Other natural snake repellents include cactus, jimsonweed, skunk cabbage, and wormwood.

Unlike commercial products with specific use instructions, these natural repellents require basic knowledge of applying or using them for maximum impact.

iii. Snake Traps

Snakes hide beneath concrete slabs, among other places, because it offers them a secure hideout.

Snake traps offer practical ways to lure these reptiles out of hiding. For traps to be effective, there need to be bait snakes find irresistible.

Frogs, mice, and insects should be considered, as snakes love to prey on such. Now traps come in different designs ranging from the maze, glue, and minnow traps.

Speaking of snake trap products, there are lots of these in the market.

Some of the best types you’ll find include Cahaba Snake Trap, CG Snake Traps, Harris Supersized Snake Glue Trap, and Kensizer Humane Indoor & Outdoor Trap.

Others include Valbrenta Mouse Glue Traps, Catchmaster 72MAX Pest Trap, and Vex Research 2019 Glue Traps.

Other snake traps include Catchmaster 402 Baited Rat Mouse & Snake Glue Trap, Blue-Touch Jumbo Rat, Mice & Snake Traps, and Frabill Minnow Trap.

All of these serve to lure out snakes from beneath your concrete slabs.

iv. Addressing your Rodent Problem

We stated earlier that snakes are attracted to prey, among other favorable factors.

Rodents are among the favorite prey for snakes. So, to have any luck dealing with snake presence, you’ll need to address the problem first.

There are two approaches to solving this problem.

The first involves active treatment using a wide range of techniques. You may wish to call for professional pest removal, as discussed earlier. The second approach requires prevention.

This is the most effective strategy to keep rodents at bay.

Simple preventive actions include keeping waste areas as tidy as possible, eliminating clutter, maintaining a vegetation-free barrier around your home, sealing all holes and cracks on your structure, and maintaining scheduled pest inspections of your home.

With the right preventive actions, snakes and rodents are kept at bay. Snakes have little incentive to hang around any part of your home without rodents or other food sources.

v. Adding a Fence

Part of the process of ridding your surroundings of snakes includes installing a snake fence. There are lots of snake fence designs to choose from.

You only need to figure out what serves your needs best. Consult with a wildlife technician on the best snake fence available and the installation process.

vi. Changing Certain Habits

Changing your habits is essential to keeping snake populations in check.

If grasses and bushes around your home are constantly left overgrown, it’s an open invitation for snakes to come around. You’ll need to have your yard mowed more frequently and tidy the area.

Getting Rid of Snakes Under Concrete Slab is a Temporary Fix

Most efforts to remove snakes under concrete slabs don’t do much to prevent a reoccurrence.

That is mainly because the initial conditions attracting these reptiles weren’t attended to or eliminated. Examples of such conditions include composting near your home and a high population of rodents & birds.

Snakes are also attracted to cool and damp places and areas with tall grass and plants. Also, leaving out pet food attracts rodents preyed on by snakes.

A yard with unrestricted access will likely have more snake issues than one without. Wet environments can also draw snakes to your yard.

The above strategies mentioned about get rid of snakes under concrete slabs. You only need to pick your preferred option.

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