Is Terminix worth your money as a pest control company? Here is what the internet would not show you.

As arguably the biggest pest control company in the world, Terminix has become an industry leader in the provision of a variety of pest control services. Effective services covering a long list of pests and wildlife are covered.

However, the question here is; is Terminix worth the hype?

Wherever you live within the United States and beyond (excluding North Korea of course), chances are that you’ve come across the name Terminix. This is more likely if you’ve searched for pest control companies or services.

Also, while millions of people have used this pest control service, not all are satisfied.

This is evident from some negative reviews on the net. So, is Terminix worth it? We can only present the facts. Deciding on whether their services are worth the try is entirely up to you. We begin as follows;

Terminix Treatment Plans: Pros and Cons

As with most pest companies, patronizing their services comes with its pros and cons. The same applies to Terminix.

  • Pros

The advantages you get with Terminix include nearly a century of experience and still growing strong. This is enormous because everyone needs a trusted and experienced pest control company to handle their pest issues.

The pest control services offered by Terminix are among the best priced in the industry. This increases affordability as more people can call for pest control without having to worry about the cost.

Terminix is also known for its great and exceptional customer service. This is seen in the way it handles complaints and general inquiries. Customers are given all the help they need with their pest related issues.

Terminix has an online chat feature on its site. This means you can instantly start a chat with an online representative without delay.

  • Cons

Despite all the great services offered by Terminix, there are flaws or downsides to its operations. Despite its international presence in over 22 countries, Terminix is absent in 3 states. However, this may change with further expansion.

If you’re interested in silver gold, or platinum pest control plans, Terminix doesn’t offer these everywhere.

You’ll need to contact it to find out if your area or state is included in such offerings. This might not be great news for persons seeking such packages in areas without them.

Does Terminix Offer Payment Plans?

Terminix has a general pest control plan that caters to the client’s pest extermination needs.

Its general pest control plan will cover one interior and exterior pest inspection and treatment. Also included are a 100% client satisfaction guarantee, seasonal exterior follow-up treatments, and well trained and experienced technicians.

So, what pests are covered under its general pest control plan? Several! It includes common pests like crickets, earwigs, paper wasps, millipedes, and ants. Others are cockroaches, rats, mice, non-poisonous spiders, centipedes, silverfish, scorpions, and clothes moths.

There’s no 100% assurance that such pests will be gone with a single treatment.

As such, Terminix takes the extra step of making sure your pest issues are comprehensively dealt with. Its 100% satisfaction guarantee means that Terminix will return to your home if the problem persists after treatment.

This additional treatment comes at no extra cost to you. To qualify repeat treatments, there needs to be clear evidence of pest presence even after treatment. Terminix comes in-between visits to ensure the problem is resolved.

In a situation where a client isn’t fully satisfied with a service, Terminix will refund the money paid. This level of assurance from Terminix has endeared it to lots of people.

Does Terminix work? Yes.

Should you try this company? This is a question clients are likely to ask and the answer is a yes! Terminix has established itself as the industry leader in the provision of comprehensive pest control services. Its charges have also been

Terminix Reviews

Lots of customers go online to read reviews about a product or service. The same applies to Terminix and other pest control services. It must be stated that however great its pest control services are, there are bound to be unsatisfied clients.

What you should be on the lookout for is what the overwhelming majority are saying. Generally, most of the reviews about its services are positive. Nevertheless, you’ll need to go through these yourself to determine if it fits your needs.

So, is Terminix worth it? You alone can answer such a question after going through the above information. It all depends on what your needs are and if Terminix is best suited to provide such pest control needs.