Looking for Massey pest control prices, here are the current treatment costs.

Massey is among the fastest-growing pest control services in the United States with a presence in 7 states and over 140 locations and growing. This company continues to attract new clients due to many reasons including its competitive pricing structure which is among the best.

The cost angle of things is what we’re most interested in discussing here. If you’re interested in patronizing its services, it will be a great idea to have some useful information regarding its pricing.

Pest Control Pricing by Massey

How much do Massey services cost?

In our quest to broaden your knowledge about Massey’s pricing structure, it will be necessary to also consider the type of pest services offered. Massey provides a wide range of pest solutions to varieties of pest issues.

Common pests include termites, ants, cockroaches, spiders, ticks, fleas, rodents, mosquitoes, silverfish, earwig, and millipede among several others. These are exterminated using the most effective and safe methods thus enabling you to gain full control of your home.

The type of pest problems you have will determine the pest control prices. More on this will be discussed below. The above-named pests are broad categories of pest issues Massey handles.

For instance, spiders include all varieties such as recluse and brown spiders.

For roaches, all types (such as German Cockroaches, Australian cockroaches, etc ) were exterminated by Massey pest control.

Average Massey Pest Control Prices

Massey Pest Control provides comprehensive pest solutions. Its services are varied, with each having different price tags.

First, there’s the inspection phase. This comes at no charge at all. There are also one-time exterior and interior services, initial treatment, and quarterly follow-up treatments.

There are termites as well as mosquito treatments. Each of these treatments comes at a cost. For details on these, let’s proceed by briefly discussing each of them.

How Much Does Massey Pest Control Cost?

  • Pest Control Inspection

Whenever you contact Massey for your pest problems, the next line of action is to schedule an inspection. Now, this inspection is provided free of charge. A typical inspection takes about 45 minutes including a review of findings.

Although this service is free, it is meant to identity hiding spots and areas with the most infestation. It also checks the degree of infestation as well as provides clues on how much it will cost to treat the affected area.

After inspection, you are presented with a copy of Massey’s service agreement. This document includes a comprehensive breakdown of services recommended along with pricing.

  • One-Time Exterior & Interior Service

Massey Pest Control has several pest removal plans. One of them includes the one-time exterior and interior service. This affords you the opportunity of choosing what plans best fit your needs. The price for one-time exterior and interior service is set at $497. This is the starting price.

As the name suggests, it is a one-time treatment plan that will require the pest problem (no matter how difficult) to be fully resolved. This cost can be impacted by additional factors like property size and the type of pest problem being handled.

One-time exterior and interior pest removal services offered by Massey come with guarantees. In other words, when the pest problem persists within a given time after treatment, Massey Pest Control will return to repeat the process. This comes at no added or extra cost to you.

  • Annual Treatment

Pest infestation cycles are common during certain times of the year. You’ll need an appropriate plan to prevent such pests from invading your property. Massey pest control offers you the solution you seek.

Its annual pest control services start from $150. The amount you eventually pay will depend on factors like treatment type, accessibility issues, and the degree of infestation among other things.

This type of treatment occurs yearly and deals with all types of pest issues.

  • Quarterly Follow Up Treatment

Another option available to Massey clients is its quarterly follow-up treatments. Such follow-up treatments are priced at $80. These are more frequent and split across different times within the year.

Quarterly follow-up treatments are most suitable after an existing pest issue has been resolved. Such treatments serve as preventive measures to ensure pests problems never resurface again.

  • Termite Treatment

Termites present significant challenges due to their behavior. Massey’s termite treatment cost is quite substantial.

Clients incur anywhere from $500 to $1,200 for pest treatment. This cost can go higher based on the scale of extermination and the severity of infestation.

Termite activity is difficult to detect. As such, significant damage is likely to have been caused before it is detected.

Fixing such damage can involve a lot of repair work and the replacement of certain parts of a structure. This is likely to run into tens of thousands of dollars depending on the degree of damage.

  • Termite Protection

After treating a termite problem, it becomes necessary to put in place preventive measures to forestall future infestation.

Massey offers comprehensive termite treatments which include termite protection. It will only cost you about $100 to have your property protected.

  • Mosquito Treatment

Massey’s mosquito treatment services are charged according to one-time-only treatments as well as an annual abatement.

The cost for its one-time treatment starts at $70 while $135 is what it will cost for annual treatment.

Factors Affecting Massey Treatment Prices

Massey’s pest control prices aren’t set in stone. In other words, a lot is involved in coming up with the cost of service.

Some of the key determinants of pest control pricing include the size of your home or property. Others include the severity of the problem at hand; types of treatment used as well as ease of access to the infected area.

All our discussion to this point has revealed vital information. The type of pests and pest control techniques being deployed will determine the eventual cost of treatment. There are lots of pests, each needing a unique treatment approach.

Massey pest control is up to the task and chooses the most appropriate treatment that gives long-lasting results.

The best way to find out about Massey’s pest control prices is from the information obtained after an inspection has been conducted on your property.

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