What rat poison dries them out? Is there any such thing as a rat poison that kills without odor?

You’ll be finding out about products that kill mice without smell.

Best Mouse Poison That Kills Without Smell

If you’ve used rat poison before, one thing you’d notice is that most treatments result in your home smelling from decaying rat carcasses. You might have succeeded in eliminating these rats but have to deal with the odor.

For many, this is a turnoff. It’s a part of the rat treatment they’d rather not deal with which is possibly why people are looking for rat poisons that will kill without odor.

Here, you’ll learn about different rat poisons and how they act without exposing you to the uncomfortable odor that results from the decomposition of a dead rat.

Without delay, let’s get to specifics.

Why You Perceive Odor After Using Rat Poison

The objective of using rat poison is to have rats ingest poisoned bait and die.

While this method is considerably effective, one part of the treatment people do not expect is the odor that results from rat death. One thing rat poisons do is that they cause severe dehydration.

Rats will want to exit their hideouts in search of water. However, they become too weak to do that and die within your walls as well as other hideouts.

This becomes a major problem as reaching into these hard-to-reach areas is sometimes impossible. The stench from decaying rats can be unbearable.

This right here is the reason why a lot of homeowners avoid rat poison; stench. A lot of people will be more tolerant of these poisons if they can find those that kill without odor.

So, are there rat poisons like that? Can rats be killed with such poisons without having to perceive decaying odor?

The Problems With Rat Odor

The odor of decaying rat(s) around your home can be overpowering.

Apart from the unbearable stench that comes from such a decaying rat, you have the uncomfortable job of having to locate and remove the decaying rat. Failure to do so will like result in infection of your home.

Removing a rat carcass within your wall cavity can be quite difficult especially when you have no idea of where exactly the dead rat lies.

Plus, there are spores around the decomposition area that could cause diseases. For many, this is too much to deal with, and would rather find rat poisons that kill these rodents without odor.

Best Rat Poison That Kills Without Odor

There are actually specially designed rat poisons that will give results (kill rats) without the attendant smell of decomposition. Most people won’t have to perceive a thing around areas with dead rats.

So, what could be the reason for the absence of odor? You’ll learn all about that shortly.

  • No Smell Mice Poison

Some of the top rat poison products you can use without the fear of odors include RatX, Kaput Rat & Mouse Bait, Neogen Havoc Rodenticide, and Farnam Just One Bite II.

Other rat poison products you can trust include First Strike Soft Bait for Rats, and Bell Contrac Blox Rodenticide.

All of these rat poisons have one thing in common; they kill rats without the usual odor. To have a better idea of how they work, let’s take a look at each of them.

  • RatX

This is one rat poison you can apply with the assurance that odors resulting from rat decomposition will be contained. When ingested, this poison causes rats to lose the impulse to drink water.

The absence of water causes dehydration and eventual death.

For best results, you’ll need to carefully follow the use instructions on the product label. It’s also important to be prepared to remove dead rats for proper disposal.

  • Kaput Rat & Mouse Bait

Before using this rat poison, it’s necessary to know that it won’t work on warfarin-resistant rats.

Outside of that, Kaput Rat & Mouse Bait offers the benefits of less secondary poisoning toxicity. Plus, they remain potent for extended periods of time (between 2 & 3 years) when sealed.

Kaput Bait is designed to be less toxic to non-targeted animals. While this is true, it’s best to keep it out of the reach of your pets.

  • Neogen Havoc Rodenticide

When dealing with warfarin-resistant rat species such as Norway rats, it’s best to use Neogen Havoc Rodenticide.

This rat poison does an excellent job. It comes in a single-dose formula that kills rodents through its second-generation anticoagulant formulation.

  • Farnam Just One Bite II

Farnam is another rat poison you can trust to kill rats without odor.

This second-generation anticoagulant will reduce bait shyness by providing holes through which rats have more confidence to feed.

  • First Strike Soft Bait for Rats

Get the First Strike Soft Bait for your rat issues if you want to avoid the odors that come with dead rodents. This single-dose formulation is irresistible to rats and kills warfarin-resistant rat species.

How Dead Rat Odor is eliminated

You might have wondered how certain rat poisons such as those mentioned above kill rats without having to perceive the attendant odor. It’s not difficult to figure out.

When rats get killed by these poisons, the poison that remains in their systems quickly absorbs all the water remaining in their bodies.

When this happens, it leads to a situation where the rat carcass mummifies, thus causing a significant reduction in the odor being produced.

Mummified rats do not decompose quickly as there’s no adequate moisture within the dead carcass of rats to speed up the decomposition process.

This makes it more tolerable for you to deal with these rodents and have their dead bodies removed from your wall cavities and anywhere else they might have hidden.

Can Rat Odor be Completely Eliminated by these Poisons?

If you were hoping to eliminate odors arising from dead rats, you’d be a bit disappointed because these odors remain at very low concentrations or levels.

In other words, odors coming from the use of rat poisons are not eliminated but aren’t also as overpowering those rat poisons without odor elimination properties.

More so, you’d need to be able to locate and remove dead rats within your wall cavities. You need some kind of cue in the form of slight odors to help you locate dead rats.

On the whole, the rat poisons mentioned above do a pretty good job of odor prevention. You’re able to get the desired results without having to deal with uncomfortable odors.

These are some of the rat poisons you can trust to kill rats without odor. Whichever you decide to use, it’s important that you carefully follow the use instructions on the product label.

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